Welcoming the Dabbawalas of Mumbai to Siliguri

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NB: This event is completely organized by Young Indians Siliguri & Inspiria is only an associate sponsor to this event.

Remember the “dabbawallas” of Mumbai – the excellent team of nearly 5000 highly dedicated and committed lunch box (or dabbas) delivery team who deliver around 200000 lunch boxes to the workplaces of office/factory workers in the afternoon and return the empty boxes in the evening. They do the work with amazing skill and precision with the error rate being one in eight million. Now that’s a mind-boggling piece of statistic by any standards!

Much has been said about Mumbai’s now famous dabbawalas. In fact, so impressed was Prince Charles with the dabbawallas work culture and efficiency during his last visit to India that he even invited some of them to attend his marriage with Camilla Parker Bowles in April 2005.


Mumbai’s dabbawalas are humble people and don’t know management theories. Big corporates, elite institutes and governmental agencies have all approached them for workshop and seminar presentations. And now, for the first time, the Siliguri chapter of CII’s Young Indians group have invited the dabbawallas for a special interactive session on the 19th of September where they shall share what they know best – the practical wisdom and learning from their rich heritage of 125 years and their day-to-day experiences in Mumbai streets.

Inspiria is proud to be associated with this unique event.

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