Inspiria Trade Bustle 3.0: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills in Students Along With Fun

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As a college, Inspiria Knowledge Campus has always been known as an institution that encourages a student’s overall personality development rather than just academics. The mission statement of Inspiria is to provide employability and an entrepreneurial mindset. In the same vein, Inspiria has been organizing Trade Bustle for the past two years an entrepreneurship-focused program […]

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Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) BBA Colleges in Siliguri : Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate degree that teaches students about business administration. Students in this three-year degree programme learn entrepreneurial and business management skills. Students who complete a BBA programme learn teamwork, communication skills, time management, problem solving, and analytical skills.BBA programmes commonly […]

Hindi Diwas, 2014

Hindi is a standardized and sanskritised register of the Hindustani Language. Modern Hindi Language

Transforming Education With Technology

Science education must become an integral part of school education; and ultimately some study of science should become a part of all courses in the humanities and social sciences at the university stage, even as the teaching of science can be enriched by the inclusion of some elements of the humanities and social sciences. #464639997 […]