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Fried Chicken with Pepper Sauce

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This week, the menu for Inspiria Production Class are: Veloute Dame Blanche Fried Chicken with Pepper Sauce Honey Glazed Carrots Leafy Salad Inspiria Menu of the Week   In French, Dame Blanche refers to a white lady and in culinary term it generally refers to a dessert made of ice cream and whipped cream. To make the Veloute Dame Blanche the chicken quenelles were made as airy and light as possible like the whipped cream. Hence the dish was name Veloute Dame Blanche. Fried Chicken with Pepper-Sauce and Honey Glazed Carrots   Fried Chicken with Pepper Sauce: Boneless chicken pieces

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Ultimate List of Educational Websites

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Now a days, you can learn almost everything from the internet. Be it a language or programming or a software or cooking or career guidance, everything can be found if searched properly. But the only trouble we face is finding the best or the reliable sources for information on the internet. So we have put together some of the most reliable and useful educational websites on various topics that will help you learn something new and you never know, in the process of going through them, you might find your true passion! Here’s the ultimate list of educational websites!

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