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Digital Learning: Can Online Education Replace The School Classrooms In India?

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The unforeseen ripple of covid-19 pushed the education towards the dark edge of uncertainty. The drastic surge of pandemic dismantled the academic syllabus across the world. Amid the unrest, online education emerged as a remedy to neutralize everything that was disorientated due to the mandatory lockdown. Several educational institutions across the world switched to digital learning to curb the infection and ensure continual learning. The new approach of learning vouched by technology indeed reimbursed the learning gap induced by the pandemic. However, a bigger risk has emerged to influence the future of education in India. Even amid the digital rush,

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How Digital learning is helping students cope with their studies

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There is no question that online education has come here to stay. Students are now optimizing online resources in an effective manner. Even those who were hesitant to switch over to digital platforms suddenly discovered the huge advantages which always existed online but was not utilized. There is little doubt that online teaching will not go away after the pandemic when normal life is restored. The reasons are obvious. Students have learnt the techniques of utilizing digital resources and digital modes of teaching online to enhance their skills and knowledge. Frankly, online learning starts with Google. Whenever a student, even