How Digital learning is helping students cope with their studies

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There is no question that online education has come here to stay. Students are now optimizing online resources in an effective manner. Even those who were hesitant to switch over to digital platforms suddenly discovered the huge advantages which always existed online but was not utilized. There is little doubt that online teaching will not go away after the pandemic when normal life is restored. The reasons are obvious.

Students have learnt the techniques of utilizing digital resources and digital modes of teaching online to enhance their skills and knowledge. Frankly, online learning starts with Google. Whenever a student, even a teacher wants to know more about a subject, academic or non-academic, a proper Google search provides the right links to get the desired information. The Google owned YouTube is another great place to learn about which students are aware. From garnering cooking skills to trouble-shooting simple technical problems on desktops or mobiles, students can use YouTube to see demonstrations that can get a solution. Students trying to learn Mathematics find Google and YouTube a great place to learn.

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Thus in a way online learning was there before the Covid19 lockdown during which apps like Zoom and Google Meet became household names. There are several skill enhance teaching platforms on the internet which add tremendous value- addition to a students’ practical skills. Udemy, Teachable and Khan Academy are some of the most popular sites for online skill development.

Recently the UGC has allowed students to pursue two parallel undergraduate degree courses together (one in online mode) which was not permitted before. Therefore the trend of a student taking up an allied degree or diploma course along with the main college degree course is quite likely to go up further. Pursuing dual courses is only possible when one of them is in online mode.

Students have realized that typical traditional degrees alone will not work. In a fast changing world staying updated and aligned to the changes is a necessity. This can only be possible through the utilization of online teaching resources.

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