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2018 Board Exam Preparation: Tips & Tricks to Score More

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Each day the heart beats a little faster as you glance at the passing days and the approaching examinations, to ease your mind and untangle your issues comes in Inspiria Support. To glorify your results this academic year follow the success plan incorporated to overcome the examination and debut with flying colours. The prime aspect of scoring higher during examinations revolves around sound practice and lower levels of anxiety, master the art of keeping calm to overcome fear and score much higher than expectations. To score higher than others during examinations using the simple study plan Importance to weaker areas:

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Important things to keep in mind while preparing for Board Exams

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January means its countdown to the board exams of Class X and XII! The selection tests are over and for intermediate students, these are the final days of school life! What tensed students need at this time is a bit of friendly advice – tips which could go a long way in ensuring that the first hurdles of life sail through in a smooth manner. First, students should bear it in mind that this is not a “Make or Break” test as most people make it out to be! While all efforts should be made to achieve the best one

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The Ultimate Study Guide for 2018 Board Exams

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The entire universe revolves around one single thing- i.e. “Time”. Be it the Sun, moon, stars, seasons, anything in our day to day life follow a specific period or duration or pattern. So, with the help of this basic fact, I would like to make you understand the importance of time and routine. This being the peak time for the students appearing in Board Examination 2018, it’s high time for you to set a timetable or routine that will give you a concrete mind frame about what to study and when to study. As you can yourself realise that an

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Pro tips to score 90% and above in Board Exams

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Students don’t panic, it’s never too late to begin. Just, pick your books and begin to read them. Do you know, scientifically human can read three (3) words in one (1) second. That means one can read “Two lakhs fifty-nine and two hundred- words” in twenty-four hours. Now, It’s ample time for a change in season. Then, why not a change or upgrade in your percentage. All you need is to focus, stay determined and be attentive. Just need to be smart and divide your time as judiciously. Keep this in your mind that - “It’s you who has to

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The Board Exams & After

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Crucial decision follow your Plus 2 Boards If winter comes, can the Class X and XI final Board Exams be behind? Every February and March you see young girls and boys aged 16 to 18, burning the night lamp with hours and hours of hard work, getting ready for the first big hurdles in their lives – the Board examinations. They are nervous and tense as they wait with bated breath the day the ordeal begins. But there is excitement and a hidden sense of happiness too, specially for those who worked sincerely and regularly. Because the Plus 2 Boards

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