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Popularization of Photojournalism in the 1930’s

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Life started in the early 20th century as a weekly humour publication. When the original Life Magazine was shutting down, the American publisher Henry Luce purchased the name and relaunched the magazine as a picture based periodical on November 23rd 1936. It was the first pictorial magazine published, featuring a cover photo of the Fort Peck Dam by Margaret Bourke-White. The original aim of Time was to tell the news and Life to show the news. It set the stage for the American people to see the world, to witness the events of the world that happened thousands of miles

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Key to Impressive Digital Photographs: An Enthusiast’s Perspective

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Digital photography has many advantages over traditional film photography – practically, technically, creatively and even economically. Nearly 99% percent of all the cameras sold today are digital, but it is a handful minority of photographers who are able to use the massive power of digital cameras combined with advanced computer based image processing to their disposal. The question is why? Given the fact that digital cameras are now much more affordable and increasingly pervasive with users, why isn’t most photographs dynamic or eye-catching as it is expected to be when it is taken with an advanced digital camera? The answer

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Mass Media the Global Medium

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It is impossible to imagine a day without communication. In recent years we have seen an unprecedented rise in the communication technology and media. It has transcended all boundaries and the entire global community has been brought under one unified umbrella. Wherever we go or wherever we stay- In our everyday life we keep ourselves constantly updated about the various events and incidents occurring at different corners of the globe through these multiple mass media devices. The advent of 24 hour news channels, newspapers, FM Radio Stations, social media, online media, has created a whole range of new possibilities, and

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List of Media Science Colleges in Siliguri

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In a country like India where media is treated like a person and there is Freedom of Speech and Expression media plays a very important part. Media plays the role of a development agent in a society like India’s which is still developing compared to the Western world. Media is one of the largest industries in the world today. Media Science or Mass Communication and Journalism is a degree course in the field of Mass Media. It means everything from radio, newspaper, television and the internet. This degree gained popularity in the 1980s but it has grown in leaps and

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Teachers’ Day Celebration, Inspiria, Siliguri

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“A life of joy and happiness is possible only on the basis of knowledge… and the spread of enlightenment will abolish all wrong”

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