List of Media Science Colleges in Siliguri

In a country like India where media is treated like a person and there is Freedom of Speech and Expression media plays a very important part. Media plays the role of a development agent in a society like India’s which is still developing compared to the Western world. Media is one of the largest industries in the world today.

Media Science or Mass Communication and Journalism is a degree course in the field of Mass Media. It means everything from radio, newspaper, television and the internet. This degree gained popularity in the 1980s but it has grown in leaps and bounds since then.The list of Media Science colleges in Siliguri are as follows :

    • Inspiria Knowledge Campus:

At Inspiria it is believed that unemployablity is a bigger problem than unemployment and hence we have set ourselves into a mission to address this problem. As the first step towards this, we set out to identify traits and skills which are essential in order to achieve success in one’s career. At Inspiria the aim to provide students with appropriate industry-specific training so that they can carry out their role in any field to the best of their ability. Students get to learn from expert faculty with hands-on training, industry insights and a lot of personal attention which will help them be skilled, performance-driven professionals.Call: 8900755550, Website:

    • Salesian College:

It endeavors to be recognized nationally and internationally as (1) a model in the preparation of leaders in education, the arts and self-management; (2) a transformational force in advancing the scholarship of humanities and social sciences; and (3) an unyielding champion of access, excellence, service, equity, justice, student engagement, accountability, citizenship, and collaboration. They emphasize life-oriented and value-based teaching and nurture a culture of solidarity. Website:

    • Gyan Jyoti College

The College is the first self -financed, multi-faculty educational institution in the region. The college seeks to channelize education by inculcating in students certain definite career goals. It provides quality education for the total development of students.
The vision and mission document stands testimony to the commitment and concern of the Trust towards the future of the younger generation. On the whole the mission of the College is to help the students to make a difference at the societal level by surmounting the challenges towering over them. Website:

    • IIAS School of Management:

IIAS Group of Institutions established in 1990 is the parent company with interests in education, hospitality, tourism and manufacturing industry. In the education sector, IIAS has established its presence with two brands, IIAS School of Management and IIAS Academy. With campuses in Kolkata, Darjeeling Dt., Goa and other centres planned in the near future, IIAS has constantly been expanding its footprint in the education sector over the past 2 decades. Website: Unavailable

    • Siliguri College of Commerce:

Siliguri College was established on October 8, 1950 and over the years has witnessed enviable growth. At present it is, in many ways, the college of first choice under the University of North Bengal. Website:

The above given five colleges are the best for Media Science in Siliguri. Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri though has an upper hand because it provides an infrastructure which can harness the talent and give one the practical exposure which is very necessary for people studying in this field. Inspiria gives an upper hand to the students from their counterparts with company tie-ups giving a platform for people to work with the best in the business exposing them to the practical work culture in the field.

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