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Travails Of A Tea-Taster Unfurled

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The fourth series of Inspiring Story Series started with great enthusiasm. The young entrepreneur Mr. Neeraj Poddar easily won the heart of the students with his life experience. He had just completed his BBM from Christ College, Bengaluru and was in search of job like any other graduate. Soon he was placed at an International Bank and was doing pretty good. But soon after he was asked to the quit job and join his family in their business. But Neeraj wanted to do something different out of his regular business, something like creating an empire of his own. He started

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Learn To Believe In Yourself!

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Do you believe in yourself? Most people confuse self-belief with arrogance, over-confidence and pride. While the latter tendencies must be abhorred, one can never afford to lose his/her self-belief in the process. We live in an age where most people have lost their capacities to believe in anything, it is rare to find somebody believing in himself. However, for success in life self-belief is a must! We remember a young man from Siliguri who worked in the middle management team of a renowned tourism company in Kolkata. The salary/perks were good and the going was great. It was then that

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How Dreams Turn into Reality by Sumit Sinhal

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Let’s hear another Young Indian Speak! Great News - the Inspiria Inspiring Story Series has received tremendous response and our young students are already waiting for the next Inspiration story! They will not have to wait long for we aim to make this a regular Saturday event! For youngsters, the experience of interacting with a new inspiring individual every week is unique. There is so much to imbibe and learn! After Pratik Garg last week, this Saturday, the 27th of June, we will have another member of Young Indians, Siliguri, known for his entrepreneurship and innovation. He is Sumit Sinhal,

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A Session with young entrepreneur Pratik Garg

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Pratik Garg is a promising young entrepreneur and a man of creativity and innovation. He is a member of the Young Indians group (Confederation of Indian Industry). As the Executive Committee member of the Learning Chair of Young India, he organizes interactive meet for members and public. At present Pratik is the Director of Garg group and Associate partner Garg Enterprises. It was under his leadership that the campaign to promote voting in India was initiated by Young Indians. He has also shown his excellence in various fields of management and English language. The young man combines theory with practice

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An Inspiring Session

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Meeting a Man with a Mission! It was a weekend full of meaningful activity! Everyone was waiting for the first session of the Inspiria Inspiring Story which was chaired by young, path-breaking Indian entrepreneur Shreyans Bhandari. The first thing that that we were reminded off hearing Shreyans speak was the film Three Idiots! Why? The film criticizes the tendency of parents to force their children into careers they do not like. This disturbing trend resulted in many young talents giving up the vocation they liked to take the beaten path! Shreyans is one of those rare individuals who had the

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