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Meeting a Man with a Mission!

It was a weekend full of meaningful activity!
Everyone was waiting for the first session of the Inspiria Inspiring Story which was chaired by young, path-breaking Indian entrepreneur Shreyans Bhandari. The first thing that that we were reminded off hearing Shreyans speak was the film Three Idiots! Why?

The film criticizes the tendency of parents to force their children into careers they do not like. This disturbing trend resulted in many young talents giving up the vocation they liked to take the beaten path! Shreyans is one of those rare individuals who had the courage and conviction to choose doing what he liked best –bird watching in the literal sense of the term! Shreyans is an ornithologist and has written a book on the Birds of the Arravallis – a work which received worldwide recognition.

An enthralled, awe-struck crowd listened to him as he spoke about his unique experiences and his ability to be innovative and inventive! It was truly an inspiring session. A native of Udaipur in Rajasthan, Shreyans received his management degree from Jai Hind College, Mumbai. He is a passionate photographer as well as a runner, having participated in the Standard Charter Dubai Marathon, achieving the 24th rank in the event.
It is his love for running that led to his latest entrepreneurial venture Greensole which has a green connection. At Greensole, old, discarded sports shoes are recycled into comfortable footwear.

On behalf of Inspiria, the Managing Trustee Atul Gupta presented a memento to Shreyans Bhandari who in turn gave away course completion certificates to two students of Bakery and Confectionery.

The Inspiring Story Series will continue so watch out for the next inspiring personality to visit our campus.

A Session on Personality Development

Following the Inspiring Story session, we had an excellent session on personality development conducted by senior member of our faculty team Mrs Sherry George! The importance of developing a strong personality as well as articulate communication skills can hardly be over-stated.

Time and again we have seen brilliant students losing out in the long run due to poor communication skills. In the session more than fifty participants listened to Mrs George as she highlighted the basics of personality development and language usage. We plan to have more such sessions in the future, making it a continuing process.

For any assistance or help regarding counselling please feel free to contact us anytime at +91-8900755550. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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