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Key to Impressive Digital Photographs: An Enthusiast’s Perspective

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Digital photography has many advantages over traditional film photography – practically, technically, creatively and even economically. Nearly 99% percent of all the cameras sold today are digital, but it is a handful minority of photographers who are able to use the massive power of digital cameras combined with advanced computer based image processing to their disposal. The question is why? Given the fact that digital cameras are now much more affordable and increasingly pervasive with users, why isn’t most photographs dynamic or eye-catching as it is expected to be when it is taken with an advanced digital camera? The answer

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World Photography Day, Celebrate World Photography Day

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World Photography Day : It is rightly said that “A Photograph is worth a thousand words.” A Photograph captures not only the emotions, excitement, people, place but most importantly it captures that particular moment which will never come back again. And today is its day, yes photographers around the globe are celebrating “World Photography Day”. It marks the 176th anniversary of the first permanent photographic process patented and freely released to the world on August 19th, 1839. This Day is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge the spirit of this Art. Photography is not only about perfection but it is also about

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Social Media in Photography Event and Inspiria’s 1001 Things

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Kolkata photographer community took huge step forward on 30th and 31st August, 2014

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Epic Stories with Small Photographic Equipment

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With the advent of science and technology across the globe exciting developments have taken place in the camera technology which has put the professional and amateur wildlife photographers on equal and level playing field. With the small spy cameras, camera traps technology in wildlife film-making now pictures can be taken scanned in 3-Dimensional instead of taking pictures going near the animals and entering into their habitat. Spy Camera technology allows filmmakers to observe animal behavior without going into wild habitat and hampering their region with human activity. It has also provided an animals’ eye view of the environment which was

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Best Cheat Sheets for Photographers

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Everyone loves cheat sheets, and photographers are no exception. Squeezed into a set of short tips, schemes, and definitions, a cheat sheet is a quick way to learn something, as well as refresh your knowledge about any particular subject. Moreover, now that info-graphics are an extremely popular format of delivering information on the Internet, cheat sheets can also be a source for visual inspiration. Here is a large collection of some noteworthy cheat sheets, info-graphics, and printable for photographers. From shooting basics to photography marketing tips, every aspect of photography is covered in this round-up. No matter whether one an

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