World Photography Day, Celebrate World Photography Day

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World Photography Day : It is rightly said that “A Photograph is worth a thousand words.” A Photograph captures not only the emotions, excitement, people, place but most importantly it captures that particular moment which will never come back again. And today is its day, yes photographers around the globe are celebrating “World Photography Day”. It marks the 176th anniversary of the first permanent photographic process patented and freely released to the world on August 19th, 1839.

This Day is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge the spirit of this Art. Photography is not only about perfection but it is also about the passion to create great images. It is an art that captures time in a frame and preserves that for years and years. It’s like a time machine where people can simply go back in time and can relive those moments again.

The advent of new technology has added a new dimension to this art. Photographers are very passionate about their work now and they continuously strive to add new and unique techniques to bring more perfection to their work. The new equipment’s and technology getting launched each day is opening a new horizon for photographers to capture.

No, occasion in India or anywhere in the world is complete without a photograph. The arrival of Smartphones has made people so addicted to this art that every moment is captured right away in their phone.

As said by India’s top Photographer Raghu Rai – “A photograph has picked up a fact of life, and that fact will live forever”. So let’s continue this spirit of capturing the moments through the art of Photography.

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