CBSE 12th Board Exam: Tips to score high in Maths

Do you consider maths as the most difficult challenge for the CBSE 12th Board Exam? If you are struggling with the maths preparation for board exams, this blog is for you. The majority regard maths as a scoring subject. But, it’s otherwise for someone who strives to grasp the core concept of mathematical formulas and […]

InspiriaQ 2015 – The Quiz Rendezvous

Inspiria was live with activity on 27th September 2015, as it was the finale of InspiriaQ, the biggest Quiz Competition of North Bengal, 2015. It was a bright sunny morning and the campus was bustling with activity very early in the morning. The guest and the host were equally excited about the day. Forty two […]

Test Your IQ

Interesting facts we almost knew! Quizzing is always fun! I’m sure all of you reading this would never miss a good quiz programme on TV. Sure, a quiz contest is more about information and less about knowledge, (remember, great, knowledgeable men like Einstein cared little about information – he often forgot his own address!). Nevertheless, […]

InspiriaQ Retrospective Brochure

This retrospective brochure is a preview of InspiriaQ interschool quiz contest organized by Inspiria knowledge campus on 23 Nov 2014.