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Quizzing is always fun! I’m sure all of you reading this would never miss a good quiz programme on TV. Sure, a quiz contest is more about information and less about knowledge, (remember, great, knowledgeable men like Einstein cared little about information – he often forgot his own address!). Nevertheless, in this age of information, it is always a help to keep some information handy in your brains, be they trivial or important.

Here is a list of some very interesting questions which could keep you guessing!

  • We all know Mount Everest is 8848 metres high. Do you know who first measured its height?
  • Who introduced coffee to the world?
  • Where did the guitar originate?
  • Which civilization introduced silk production, lanterns, printing technology and tea?
  • Which is the first full length feature film in Hindi?
  • Which is the first newspaper printed and published in India?
  • “Devnam Piyadasi” is the other name of which might emperor of ancient India?
  • Which country introduced the land revenue system to the world?
  • Which Mughal Emperor would play the Veena?
  • Who invented television?

Interesting questions- for you to ponder! The answers (see bottom) will surprise many. See how many correct answers you can get. Good Luck!


1. In 1852 Radhanath Sikdar, an Indian mathematician and surveyor from Bengal was the first to identify Everest as the world’s highest peak, using trigonometric calculations based on Nicolson’s measurements 2. The Arabs 3. The modern guitar originated in Spain but has its roots in an ancient Asian four-stringed instrument called Kithara (tar meaning wire) 4. The Chinese 5. Raja Harishchandra produced in 1913 6. The Bengal Gazette 7. Emperor Ashoka 8. India 9. Aurangzeb 10. John Logie Baird.

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