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An Inspiring Session

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Meeting a Man with a Mission! It was a weekend full of meaningful activity! Everyone was waiting for the first session of the Inspiria Inspiring Story which was chaired by young, path-breaking Indian entrepreneur Shreyans Bhandari. The first thing that that we were reminded off hearing Shreyans speak was the film Three Idiots! Why? The film criticizes the tendency of parents to force their children into careers they do not like. This disturbing trend resulted in many young talents giving up the vocation they liked to take the beaten path! Shreyans is one of those rare individuals who had the

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Shriyans Bhandari-Inspirational Young Entrepreneur of Modern India

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Shriyans Bhandari, who will be the chief speaker of Inspiring Stories at Inspiria Knowledge Campus, is a resident of Udaipur, received Sumitoma Corporation Scholarship teice ( 2012 & 2013) for academics. An author, ornithologist and photographer has published in Dec 2013, ‘ Birds of Aravallis’ a photographic guide to the birds found in the Aravalli ranges ( Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarath) in association with Rajasthan tourism , edited by and designed by Bombay Nature History Society ( BHNS ) India, which is available in all the prestigious libraries. He was greately appreciated by the Prime Minister's office and other dignitaries

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