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Hustle for your own self! A mantra that has encouraged a lot of creative minds to quit their conventional 9 to 5 and create their own start-up or switch to a course that revolves around building a business such as – BBA Entrepreneurship. The idea of becoming your own boss and the hype of having a flexible work life is a perk that can only be achieved by becoming an entrepreneur.

The Inspiria Knowledge Campus under the affiliation of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology offers a comprehensive course on BBA Entrepreneurship. The course introduces UG students to the skills and knowledge required to start and run a successful business, also providing the students with incubation centres to nurture their start-ups making us one of the top institutes when it comes to BBA courses in Siliguri.

Benefits of BBA Entrepreneurship

One of the major benefits of BBA Entrepreneurship is its future potential. The increase in the number of Entrepreneurs in recent years has been significant. The global pandemic led to a rise in a lot of startups that are full-fledged companies now. According to the India Venture Capital Report 2021 published by Bain and Company, the number of cumulative start-ups has grown at a CAGR of 17% since 2012 and crossed 1,12,000.

While most courses tend towards developing specific professional skills in students, BBA Entrepreneurship unleashes the working potential within the students themselves. 

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Program Overview

BBA is a three years undergraduate degree course that teaches you how to create a business and scale it to generate profit, The course provides deep knowledge of financial planning, marketing strategy and business practices to start a business. 

The course offers more than just a degree, it is designed to make future entrepreneurs with the professional skills and knowledge by which they can build their own start-ups. We provide you – a chance to start your own business. offer incubation centres to nurture your idea and organise start-up meet to hook you up with angel investors to aid with the funding requirements.  


The program is designed to groom business graduates who are capable of:

  • Generate innovative ideas to create a startup.
  • Identifying and evaluating innovative ideas with adequate business potential.
  • Preparing business plans which provide a multi-faceted view of the business idea.
  • Successfully executing the Business Plan to gain traction in the market.


Students completing 10+2 from any recognized board with English as a subject is eligible to apply for the course BBA Entrepreneurship. The students who are appearing in the Class XII board finals can also apply in advance.

Course Module

1st Semester

  • BBAE – 101-Common Traits and mindset of self-made Businessmen & Entrepreneurs
  • BBAE – 102-Exploring Small/Home Business with minimum or no capital
  • BBAE – 103-Franchise Business
  • BBAE – 104-New Business Ideas. Waste to Wealth Sustainability Based Business
  • BBAE – 105-SWOT and Risk Analysis of Busines

2nd Semester 

  • BBAE- 201-Forms of Business Organization
  • BBAE- 202-Business Regulatory Framework
  • BBAE- 203-Market And Research Methodology for Startups
  • BBAE- 204-Business Plans and Roadmap
  • BBAE- 205-Financial Planning and Management

3rd Semester

  • BBAE 301-Marketing Strategies, Advertising & PR for Business
  • BBAE 302- E-Commerce and Cyber Security in Small Business
  • BBAE 303-Digital Marketing & Logistics Planning
  • BBAE 304-Guerrilla Marketing & Promotional Strategies
  • BBAE 305-CSR & PR for Small Business

4th Semester

  • BBAE-401-SOP & Process Driven Business Culture
  • BBAE-402-Automation, Financial Prudence and Cost Control
  • BBAE-403-ERP & MIS
  • BBAE-404-Balance Sheet Study, Cash & Fund Flow Analysis
  • BBAE-405-Credit History, Credit Score & Credit Rating

5th Semester

  • BBAE-501-Hiring of Best Human Resources & Motivation
  • BBAE-502-Star Performers, Best Practices & Work Culture
  • BBAE-503-Great Place to Work
  • BBAE – 504-Best HR Practices
  • BBAE-505-ESOPs, Incentives, Health Insurance and Paid Holidays

6th Semester

  • BBAE -601-Formation of New Establishment and its Requisites
  • BBAE -601-Budgeting, Sustainability and Growth
  • BBAE -603-Management of Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • BBAE -604-Customer Acquisition & Vendor Development
  • BBAE -605-Final Launch, Press Conference, Ad Promotion of Small Business

Scope post BBA

Scope post BBA primarily revolves around the candidate’s ability and knowledge to start something with their own business enterprise. The program helps them in gaining knowledge of the field to make them efficient businessmen. 

The BBA entrepreneurship also makes you eligible to apply for private jobs in different sectors. Some common BBA entrepreneurs’ job hires are


Marketing Executive: Marketing executives coordinate and oversee campaigns geared at promoting products, services, and causes. Marketing executives are adept at a variety of platforms, including print and social media.

Business Development Executive: Business development executives are responsible for finding and retaining clients, encouraging extant clients to purchase added products or features, and remaining abreast of changes in consumption. You will also be required to build capacity in staff through regular training and mentorship.

Sales Executive: Business development executives are responsible for finding and retaining clients, encouraging extant clients to purchase added products or features, and remaining abreast of changes in consumption. You will also be required to build capacity in staff through regular training and mentorship.

Human Resource: Human resources managers serve as a link between employees and employers. They touch every aspect of an organization since it would be impossible for an organization to exist without the people who work within it.

Market research analysts: Also known as market researchers – they help companies develop or maintain a competitive edge by finding and delivering data-backed insights into potential markets, competitors, and even customer behaviour. 

For higher education, the following are the post-graduation options for post-BBA entrepreneurship.


MBA: MBA programs typically include core classes in accounting, management, finance, marketing, and business law. Management training is at the heart of any MBA curriculum, with a focus on leadership, planning, business strategy, organizational behaviour, and the more human sides of running a large or small business.

PGDM in Business Analytics: Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analytics is a two-year course that teaches you to collect and analyse data to deliver business insight and formulate business planning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can BBA be done without math?

A. Yes, you are eligible for BBA course after 12th without mathematics (Arts stream).

Q. Is BBA Entrepreneurship good for the future?

A. BBA degree has a lot of scopes when it comes to careers. This is one of the few degrees where students can get high-paying jobs in management and administration right after graduation.

Q. Which BBA is better, BBA (General) or BBA Entrepreneurship? 

A. The main difference between BBA (General) and BBA (Entrepreneurship) is the simple fact that the first is a general graduate degree course in Management while the other focuses on a specialized area of Management viz. Entrepreneurship.

For any assistance or help regarding counselling please feel free to contact us anytime at +91-8900755550. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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