An Insightful Session With The Multifaceted Personality- Mr. Pratik Garg

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The third day of Inspiria Orientation Week was indeed a very efficient session with Mr. Pratik Garg as the speaker for the day, the day started with the introduction of the speaker who’s a very eminent personality, he was able to impact the minds of the new students with witty stories and references from his own life. Mr. Garg is the CEO at Tulsa Group which is a real estate firm, apart from that he’s the Regional Director at Business Networking International, for those who don’t know what BNI is, it’s the world’s largest referral marketing organisation and it was first brought to Siliguri by Mr. Garg in 2017,. Also all of us have heard about Gold’s Gym, a pioneer health and fitness centre, the siliguri franchise is headed by him as well.

Public speaking is an art and one of the most prospering organisation who teaches this art, “TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL” was brought to siliguri by him. He’s a visionary and wants the residents of siliguri to be at par with any of the metropolitan cities in the country and abroad. He is someone who can easily grab someone’s attention with nothing but his wits and the way of speaking, the students were listening to him with utmost attention and also they were able to relate with whatever Mr. Pratik was talking to them about.

His main agenda revolved around ‘SUCCESS’. How to be successful? The cost of being successful, What it takes to be successful. He explained the students that success isn’t defined by the material gains in our lives, rather it consists of multilateral aspects which upon achieving and understanding we actually become successful. Mr. Garg very beautifully made the students understand the importance of networking, he also encouraged the students and gave them pointers on how to become a successful person. The session ended on a very successful note, with all the students having gained meaningful insight from Mr Pratik and enjoyed the session throughout.

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