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Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is a 3-year graduate degree course that deals in basics of computer applications. This professional degree program is one of the popular courses among the students who want to build their career in the IT (Information Technology) field. This 3-year course in computer applications is further divided into 6 semesters.

The BCA Course covers comprehensive topics like the database, networking, data structure, core programming languages like ‘C’ and ‘java’ throughout the semesters. Have a look at the summarized topics listed below.

Syllabus for Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) Programme (Effective for Students Admitted in Academic Session 2018-2019)




1. Digital Electronics (Paper Code- BCAN-101)
2. Environment Studies (Paper Code- BCAN-102)
3. C Programming (Paper Code-BCAN-103)
4. Basic Mathematical Computation (Paper Code-BMN-101)


1. Programming Lab with C (Code-BCAN-193)


1. PC Software Lab (Code-BCAN-181)



1. Computer Architecture (Paper Code- BCAN-20)
2. Software Engineering (Paper Code-BCAN-202)
3. Data Structure with C (Paper Code-BCAN-203)
4. Advanced Mathematical Computation (Paper Code-BMN-201)
5. English Language and Communication (Paper Code- HUN-201)


1. Data Structure Lab using C (Code-BCAN-293)


1. Business Presentation and Language Lab (Code-HUN-291)




1. Operating Systems (Paper Code-BCAN-301)
2.Object Oriented Programming with C++ (Paper Code-BCAN-E302A)
GUI Programming with .NET (Paper Code-BCAN-E302B)
3. Computer Graphics (Paper Code-BCAN-303)
4. Mathematics for Computing (Paper Code-BMN-301)


1.Programming Lab with C++ (Code- BCAN-E392A)
Programming Lab with .NET (BCAN-E392B )


1. Web Technology Lab (Code-BCAN-381)



1. Database Management System (Paper Code-BCAN-401)
2. Programming with Java (Paper Code-BCAN-402)
3. Computer Networking (Paper Code-BCAN-403)
4. Numerical Analysis (Paper Code-BMN-401)


1. Database Lab (Code-BCAN-491)
2. Programming Lab with Java (Code-BCAN-492)


1. Soft Skill Development (Code-BCAN-481)




1. Cyber Security (Paper Code-BCAN-501)
2. Unix and Shell Programming (Paper Code-BCAN-502)
3. Management and Accounting (Paper Code-BCA(BBA)N -501)


1. Minor Project (Code-BCAN-591)
2. Linux Lab (Code-BCAN-592)


1.Industrial Training (Code-BCAN-583)



1.Python Programming (Paper Code- BCAN-E601A)
Artificial Intelligence (Paper Code-BCAN-E601B)
E-Commerce (Paper Code- BCAN-E601C)

2.WebTechnologywithPHP (Paper Code- BCAN-E602)
MySQL Advanced DBMS with PLSQL (Paper Code-BCAN-E602B)
Digital Marketing (Paper Code- BCAN-E602C)

3. Values and Ethics of Profession (Paper Code-HUN-601)


1. Major Project with Viva-Voce (Code-BCAN-691)

BCA Course Eligibility

Students seeking admission to BCA course should have passed 10+2 board exams with English and any particular subjects- ( Computer Application/Mathematics/Business Mathematics/ Statistics) as mandatory subjects at the 10+2 level.

BCA Course Career Opportunities

Software Development

A Software Developer is responsible for researching, designing, executing and maintaining software programs. They test and evaluate new programs, write and implement effective code, identify the areas of corrections and modify them. Their job further involves handling quality assurance methods, managing and upgrading existing systems, training uses while working with other system analysts, UX designers, and developers.

Software Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance experts are responsible for ensuring the quality of software, hence, they carry the responsibility to examine and test software during the development. They perform tests on applications & software to investigate errors in order to fix them for improving the products. While developing software, they work closely with software developers to enhance software products or apps.

Software Implementation Specialist

Software Implementation Specialist creates a channel connecting the consumers and companies. Their job involves working with existing consumers and ensure that the company and the staff are well aware of the consumer’s needs. The intend to understand the consumer’s desires and decide on how the client can use software services to get their issues solved. Their work mainly with computer systems and discover which hardware or software services their consumer need.

Software Support

The responsibility of the Software Support Experts or Officers is to ensure the smooth functioning of the computer systems and guarantee the users to obtain high benefits from it. They’re responsible for installing and configuring the computer operating systems and applications, they troubleshoot the operating system problems and fix the network issues. They set-up the new users’ account profiles and fix their login credentials and password issues.

Internet Marketing

Also known as online advertising sales agents, Internet marketing agents are responsible for selling online advertising opportunities and space to businesses, companies, and individual consumers. They’re responsible for identifying, contacting, and recruiting the potential consumers. They prepare sales presentations, change sales policies to meet every client’s demands. They research, analyze internet traffic & ads trends, create and maintain consumer’s accounts.

Database Administrator

Database administrator maintains the integrity and performance of the organization’s databases and ensures that data is stored securely. DBAs help the users to inform end users about the changes in the databases and guide them to use the systems. They further control the security of the organization’s information through control access. Their practical knowledge and expertise are largely demanded by multiple organizations like finance, insurance, IT service providers.

System Administrator

The day-to-day task of System Administrator involves monitoring, upgrading, and installing hardware and software. They ensure the security and efficiency of IT infrastructure by troubleshooting the problems on the operating system. They design, organize, modify and maintain the company’s computer operating systems. They look after the network segments, local area network, wide area network and even design them.

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designers work collaborating with the engineers and product managers for collecting and assessing the requirements and demands of the clients and users. They use storyboards, sitemaps, and process flows for determining the designs. Their work further involves designing graphical user interface details such as widgets, tables, labels.

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