PM eVidya Programme: India’s Drive To Promote e-learning Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

PM eVidya Programme: So, what is it practically about? PM eVidya Programme is a Government initiative to provide online education to students across the nation during COVID-19 lockdown. The measure is initiated to ensure that the education of children across the country is not compromised due to the enforced nationwide lockdown to curb the coronavirus outbreak. The objective and strategy of the PM eVidya Programme were announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday, 17th May 2020. The proposal of PM eVidya is significant as it is the 5th and the final proportion of the Rs. 20-lakh crore allowance distributed

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Inspiria Gavel Club – 22nd Session

Sergeant-at-arms Gavelier Alex M opened the session with the club’s pledge calling out to the members for their attention. With passing time Alex has learned the art of performing his duty well on an online platform. His command was well heard. In the absence of the President, Club Counselor TM Geetanjali Rathore addressed the session with an encouragement filled speech directed towards keeping the spirits alive as gaveliers. Soon Gavelier of the day Sanjana Dalia sweeped the session with a heart welcoming speech and began the 22nd session. She introduced the theme of the day “ we are the one,

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10 Best Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers

COVID-19 pandemic has not only shuttered the schools and colleges worldwide but it has also altered the method of learning and teaching in a drastic way. With educational institutions being shut down to curb this pandemic, millions of students are wading through a new world of digital learning, while a million other struggles to adapt to this abrupt transition. As teaching is concerned, educators are extending adequate assistance to learners by conducting online classes. Online education has originated as a new normal amid the lockdown forced by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, today we have researched and handpicked the best must-have

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Did You Know You Can Become a Film Director With a Degree in Filmmaking?

Film Director is often regarded as the architect of the movie. With their creativity and vision, a story is ideally transformed into a movie. A film director is responsible for numerous job roles. Right from selecting a script to hiring actors, to supervise the task of crew and casts, to govern the task of makeup artists, costume designers, actors, cinematographers, etc. Accordingly, a film director should be creative and possess great communication skills, interpersonal skills, analytical thinking, decision-making skills to outshine in this industry. Anyone willing to build a career in the film industry as a film director can explore

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What is Interior Design? Why You Should Study Interior Design in 2020?

Interior Design: Interior Design involves an intricate method of enhancing the interior of a space or a building. The purpose is to bring an aesthetically refined ambiance and desired comfort to the people owning the place. Maybe that's the reason why interior design is often perceived as a creative yet a sophisticated profession. The strategic procedure of interior design comprises location inspection, space planning and scrutiny, discussing the strategies with the clients or stakeholders, conceptual development, implementation of the design, formation surveillance etc. The drift of contemporary architecture, industrial expansion, and society's growing demand for more fascinating theme-based and customized

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