8 Things You Need To Do During Syllabus Week

No study pressure, no exams, no restraint of attendance, no single assignments! Syllabus Week is one of the enjoyable and unmissable phases of college days for obvious reasons. The initial week of the college semester is the transition phase where your professors let you be and grant you some time to fit into the college environment. Also known as 'the first week of classes', these precious days of semi-liberty can either make or break the rest of your college days. Syllabus week is largely deemed insignificant by the majority as it's when the study pressure is almost non-existent. Thus, the

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An Industrial Visit To The Cement Factory.

On Friday 30 th of August,2019 we the students of BBA General first year from Inspiria Knowledge Campus Siliguri went for our first Industrial visit of our session, to Darjeeling cement ltd manufacturing plant Rangapani West Bengal.We boarded our college bus around 9:30 am and reached the factory in between 10 am to 10:20 am. Here, as we were preparing to enter the factory some mandatory safety tips and equipment such as face masks were provided to the students. All set and prepared we now entered the factory. At first we had no clue of the environment we were in,

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How To Prepare For New Semester

Regardless of the season, whatever month or year, every new semester spurs a fresh start. However, the students usually make generic changes while preparing for a new semester in college. Such as rescheduling one’s everyday routine, buying subject books and supplies, managing multiple errands in short-term duration, and so on. But, the majority of the students waste half of the terms trying to figure out how to prepare for a new semester or how to be more productive and have vivacious times ahead. To accomplish these, you need to put a little extra effort in preparation for the start of

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College Advice Nobody Tells You

College days are the transition phase, that constant irreversible phase where you evolve to an adult from an adolescent. Perhaps that the reason why, the graduating phase brings with it a gamut of "bitter-sweet" experiences and memories. Commonly interpreted or related to the terms like 'best-days' or, 'once in a lifetime kinda experiences', college days stands as an exceptional stage of life. The graduating period of 3 to 4 years not only calls for fun and freedom but also induces lifelong learning by exposing you towards broader and greater aspects of life. Thus, when you graduate, you won't be receiving

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Difference Between Multimedia, Animation & Graphic Design

Multimedia, Animation, and Graphics act as a form of language and a technique of expression. They act as a method of rendering information through verbal and visual representations. From the age of cave paintings to contemporary age of the eye-catching and digitally represented illustrations, our world has radically evolved in regards to connecting and communicating with the majority. So, when we think about Multimedia, Animation, and Graphics, we think of a liberal and creative field with extensive use of the internet, computers, and other electronic gadgets. Although these fields are partly interlinked with each other, they, however, are not same.

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