Hotel Management Colleges in Darjeeling

Hotel Management Colleges in Darjeeling: One of the most popular courses among young people is hotel management. The vocational course, which was first launched over a decade ago, has risen in popularity over the years. As the school garnered more students as the hotel and tourism industries throughout the world expanded, hospitality management firmly established itself. Given how skill-oriented the course is, it's only natural that it's honoured on its own. Hotel Management has also become one of the most sought after courses in North Bengal and many colleges around the region are now more dedicated towards providing these courses.

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Top 10 Career Options in Interior Design

Interior design is one of those courses that most students find fascinating. The course has been incredibly popular in recent years due to its origins in art as well as various facets of creativity. Interior design, to put it simply, is the process of bringing a room to life. It is the art and science of designing and decorating a room with one's imagination. As simple as it may appear, this requires a diverse set of skills. You might want to seek a career in interior design if you're creative, hardworking, and have a keen eye. It is critical to

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20 Profitable Startups You Can Launch With As Low As Rs 20,000 in [2022]

"We are never too late to start over, again". Well, if you are someone who'd rather opt for startups over 9-5 jobs, then this blog is for you. The sudden rise of the pandemic along with the altering job market has sparked the startup culture more than ever before. However, it's not only ideas and strategies that matter. Starting a business also requires a decent share of investment. Also, you should be prepared for risks and failures. In the early stage of a startup, the intense struggle is inevitable. Therefore, to succeed in the entrepreneurial field, you need unbeatable determination

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Sports Management Colleges in Siliguri

Sports Management Degree is ideal for someone who wishes to integrate their passion for sport with business skills to build a fulfilling career in the fields of sports. If you are someone with the same objective, then this blog is for you. Sports Management Course equips the students with industry-relevant skills and concepts associated with Management, Marketing, Finance, and Law related to the sports sector.Sports Management Program is designed to help you understand the outline of the business aspect of a sports industry with the practice of modern trends and technologies.Throughout the course, you will acquire an extensive set of

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Online vs Offline Education; Advantages and Disadvantages

Online vs Offline Education; Advantages and Disadvantages: The pandemic has brought about changes that previously seemed far off in the future. The "new normal," as we've dubbed it, is a world we'd only glimpsed or read about in bits and pieces in science fiction books and movies. We never anticipated, however, that we would see something comparable to those fictitious scenarios in real life. If we were to list all of the changes that have occurred in people's daily lives, the list would be endless, but one important shift that we can all notice is in the education sector. The

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