Hard work or Talent? Which is more important to succeed in life?

The world and media would have convinced you to believe otherwise, but "hard work" truly transcends "talent". When you initially meet or hear about successful personalities, you will obviously think that they must have been born with incredible innate talents. But in reality, there are many instances of great people who have relied on "hard work". For example, Oprah Winfrey was once suggested that she “wasn’t fit for television". Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan was dismissed from his high school basketball team but he worked hard to become the greatest sportsperson of all time. These true stories about successful people

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BBA in Hospital Management Course after class 12th – Career guidance

BBA in Hospital Mangement aka BBA (HM) is a full-time and a 3-year undergraduate Course. The entire course is divided into 6 semesters. The professional course in Hospital management and administration is primarily concerned with the organization, planning, coordination, evaluating, staffing, and controlling of healthcare services. The healthcare industry in India has grown at an extraordinary rate. This sudden surge has created a great demand and preference for hospital management courses and the relevant programs in India. The prime objective of the BBA(HM) course is to supply quality healthcare services to people in a cost-effective plan. The demand for professional

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Inspirians from BHM Department explores “Courtyard by Marriott”: The Industrial Exposure & Training at it’s best

Inspiria organized an industry visit at “Courtyard by Marriott” in Siliguri West Bengal for the first year students’ of Hospitality Management Department on 11th April 2019. A total of 40 students along with 2 faculties from the Hospitality department attended the enriching visit as part of the practical exposure programme to witness the first hand experience the industry. The students had a tour of the entire property to have a glimpse of the whole organization and its overall functioning. The visit comprised of a motivational session by the Training manager of the organization where he enlightened the attendees about the

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Top 80 inspirational quotes Every College Student Should Know

It is said that college days are the best days of our lives. True to some extent but not without some hurdles along the paths. The majority go through "I have no clue what I'm doing with my life phase" during their college days. This situation can leave anyone discouraged, demotivated. But remember, obstacles and failures are the best teachers. Believe in yourself and sustain a strong mindset. You will succeed. To keep you motivated, we have selected the top 80 inspirational quotes. We hope this will help you cheer up not just for one day for the long run.

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Inspiria organizes the inaugural Inter-departmental Students’ Seminar

The Research and Development Cell of Inspiria Knowledge Campus organized the first Inter-departmental Students’ Seminar on 24th April 2019. A total of 8 research papers were presented in the seminar by students’ group from all the four departments. Bachelor in Business Administration, Bachelor in Computer Applications, Bachelor in Hospitality Management and Media Science presented the same from their respective domains in the forum. The seminar also witnessed enthralling discussions and interactions between the participants and the audience. The seminar was segregated into three sessions comprising of Management, Media and Computer Applications. Each session was headed by a Session Chair comprising

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