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Career in global business program

Career Opportunities in BBA Global Business– In the current scenario, the face of business is transforming. Everywhere, right from the start-ups to small businesses, all are going global in perspective and scope. Thus, a 3 year BBA degree course in Global Business Management designed to develop stable industry knowledge and to cultivate strategic analytical and reasoning skill set to either enter this corporate world.

A comprehensive course further equips the learners with the dynamics of changing global business and a vast understanding of the traditional market and the expertise to integrate it with a global mindset and with modern applications.

Career and scope in global business

BBA Global Business Course Admission Eligibility, Objective, and Career Prospects

To obtain admission in the BBA Global Business course, a student must pass 10+2 from a recognized university from any stream with English as a compulsory subject. The course intends to provide students with a fair knowledge of concerns relevant to the world economy, foreign trade, international relations and to cultivate a competitive bent to the students to withstand in the global business. Here, we are enlisting the career opportunities for the graduates with a BBA in Global Business Course.

Team Manager

The primary responsibility of a team manager is to manage the team by using certain principles and monitor their work. Their job involves target setting, addressing the needs of the employees, and executing guidelines. Additionally, a team manager ensures that the team is well aware of the essence and aim of the job and attempts to achieve the intended end.

Sales Consultant

Sales Consultant is responsible for rendering the first-class deals by responding to all kinds of inquiries the customer can have regarding a good or a product. They serve as a messenger between customer and company. Sales Consultant further works as an expert in trading commodities and products to customers for satisfying their requirements and wishes.

International Training Manager

The Global Training Managers are responsible for directing all training ventures within the allotted sites. Furthermore, they work as the corporate subject matter specialist for the series of tasks assigned. Additionally, they ensure that the training requirements sustaining business and customer demands are unfailingly attended.

International Operation Manager

The international operations manager execute the job roles and responsibilities of a global operations manager, supervisor, and administrator. They oversee and conduct the plans, methods, and services of an industry based in multiple countries. Moreover, they control and list the program of the projects, duties, functioning, and smaller business sectors in coordination with the business strategies of the head corporation.

International Human Resources Manager

An International Human Resources Manager plans, designs, and executes international human resources plans and policies, which involves hiring, remuneration, perks, green card & VISA processing, training, employee relations, and health & safety arrangements. In addition, their role involves the management of immigration programs and emigrants.

Global Distribution Manager

The Global Distribution Manager is responsible for directing every international or global merchandising and logistics services of the organization. Their main goal is to secure that the company’s stocks system and the association is well backed and sustained to operate efficiently as possible.

Business Development Manager

A business development manager supervises sales leads, pitches services, and goods to provide help to new customers and retain a good working connection with new associations. In addition, their role requires effective communication skills as they should keep track of the new business prospects and organize meetings. Additionally, they should endorse new product development to the clients, write reports, oversee marketing, and provide feedback to the authority.

Business Associate

Business Development Associates increase sales by communicating and developing rapport with existing and new clients. They handle market analysis and investigate brand-new business events. Furthermore, they collaborate with sales, marketing, and product managers to plan and execute business tactics to improve brand recognition and businesses.

Associate Financial Consultant

Financial consultants are responsible for working with customers to improve personalized monetary plans for investments, savings, insurance, and retirement. Moreover, they contribute a significant amount of time trading their business and obtaining new customers.

Account Executives

Account Executives have a broad range of responsibilities that are critical to the growth and expansion of their businesses. They are responsible for securing sales, obtaining leads, maintaining existing customers, and forming effective sales tactics. They are also responsible for delivering merchandise expense to customers to ensure customer satisfaction and increase revenue for the business. Additionally, they are even recognized as Account Handlers.

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