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Film and Television Course – Fees – Duration – Eligibility – Career– Bachelors in Film and Television Course is designed to furnish the required knowledge and expertise in production and post-production steps in Film making & TV show production. So, if you’re inclined to cinema & film-making, and want to build a career in TV and Film Making industry, a bachelors degree in Film and Television Course will help you in tremendous scale.

Film and Television Course is intended to enhance the creativity of a student, to develop the technical knowledge and expertise in production techniques of film making and to make you an abled individual for taking up a career in the ever-evolving film & media industry.

Apart from the theoretical knowledge, the Film & Television Course involves practical training for Acting and Modelling, Voicing techniques, Audio-Video Editing & Visual Compositing, Journalism, Direction, Management Skills, etc.

Film and Television Course-Eligibility

Students who have passed 10+2 from any recognized board are eligible to apply for the course. Students who are studying in class 12 or who are waiting for class 12 board exam results are also eligible to apply for the course.

Film and Television Course- Duration

Film and Television Course is a three-year professional degree course. The program is equivalent to a bachelors degree course or a graduate degree.

Film and Television Course- Fees

Film and Television Course for the 3years would cost between 2.5 lakhs to 4lakhs. However, the cost for the program is likely to vary depending upon the institution and your preferences for the particular domain in film making and TV production.

Career opportunities with a degree in Film and Television Course

Film and Television Course involves a comprehensive & industry evaluated program. The course qualifies you to gain expertise in Film making, Media & Television, and to build a fulfilling career in the thriving world of technology & internet driven world. So, we are enlisting a list of careers options with a degree in Film and Television Course.


Animators are skilled artists who primarily employ right kinds of designs, figurines, and patterns to create flicks or films for ads, music videos, computer games, websites, and the entire cast roles for the animated movies. From production companies to major animation studios, animators play a huge role in film production.


Throughout the entire phase of film production, cinematographers are involved. Also known as the directors of photography, cinematographers work together with directors to produce TV programs, films, music videos, advertisements in unique and artistic technique. Their primary role is to manage camera squads, lighting teams, and to handle technical stuff to produce a remarkable visual impact of a film.

Directing for television and Camera operation

The job responsibility of directing for Television and Camera Operation involves recording dynamic moving images for films, advertisements, corporate productions, television shows, and music videos. The other reponsibility involve- setting-up or positioning camera equipment, solve technical problems in the studio, plan and rehearse shots, choosing the right camera angles and right lenses, and to work unitedly with the lighting and sound departments.


The primary job responsibility of a director is to recruit and hire the lead cast and other crew members, plan film production, and to determine the artistic features of filmmaking. A director visualizes and controls the imaginative or creative aspects in relation to the script. He guides the actors and the technical crew to achieve the ideas based on his thoughts and visions.

Flim editor

Flim editor normally works jointly with the director to produce the desired end result in a film. A film or video editor is responsible for gathering filmed raw stuff into a polished version that’s fitting for broadcasting. The raw element can be camera footage, specific effects, sound effects, dialogue, and graphics.

Production assistant

Their duties revolve on sets and behind the scenes- such as keeping wardrobes in order, helping in the formation of film sets, and completing comprehensive office tasks. A film production assistant is responsible for providing assistance to crews of various departments on a movie set.
They are even responsible for guiding actors to the set, delivering the scripts, driving off-site to receive or deliver packages.

Production coordinator

Production coordinators handle the administrative role for motion picture productions. Their job responsibilities involve overseeing programs and funds, suffice the requirements of team members on set, and conduct additional common administrative tasks.

Script editor

From developing the storyline and series concepts with writers to appointing innovative scriptwriters, the script editor ensures that scripts are fitting for production. Their responsibility involves planning, research, idea generation, character development, and writing dialogues.

Sound production

Sound producers, also known as sound technicians, recording engineers, and audio engineers, are responsible for recording & manipulating sounds, voice impacts, and music tunes for movies, sporting events, albums, and video games. Sound producers determine and install up various recording devices and may improve sound recording facilities as well. They also require to own musical skills and specialized technical skills for the job.

Television and Radio announcing

Television and Radio announcers confer the news, music, and commentary on major prevailing issues. They should always be well informed and prepared to present the audience with trending and popular stories related to a specific field, like movies, politics, weather, sports, etc. Their job involves in-depth research for preparing reports on prevailing topics before performing on air. Furthermore, Television and Radio announcers list important personalities as guests on their shows and work with producers to improve new creative content.

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