Career Opportunities in Media Science

The environment of the modern world today is undergoing transitions at a pace never imagined. As such, the catalyst as well as the requirement for such a space requires the use of media. The mediums of sending a message is increasing and as such the word “medium” is pluralistically called as “media”.

Increasing number of media channels would require resources and manpower at the nature and pace it is required to be. One of the suitable courses for enabling oneself with a dynamic career in such a field would be in Media Science. The scope and field of media is not the same as compared to even a decade from now. The industry has seen some rapid advancements which has thereby also increased the job prospectives. Radio has seen drastic transitions since the advent of All India Radio and so has Television since the monopoly demands of Doordarshan. News has received increasing prominence along with the push of social media platforms. As such, a Radio Jockey, a Reporter, an Advertising agency, a Public Relations Officer, a Cinematographer or a Content Writer have become epitomes of the industry.

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Once enrolled in a media course, one may get into specific specialisations in Electronic Media or Print Media, which further have their own specifications such as Advertising, Public Relations,etc. Several institutes provide either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree or a Bachelor in Science (Bsc.) degree in Mass Communication or Media Science, depending upon various factors and their availability. Some Job options related to Media related subjects include Reporter, Public Relations Officer, Radio Jockey, Writer, Broadcast Journalist, Information Officer, Film Director and Editor.

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Scopes also include in digital media courses and similar mass media related course subjects, given the rising importance of animated and software related developments in the field. While a solid command of language is crucial for print related fields of media, a solid control over software too can take an individual places.

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