Top 10 career after BCA (Bachelor Of Computer Applications) Course

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Career after BCA

The blog ‘Top Career after BCA ’ will guide you through the several computer science career routes, professions, and skills required to break into the Computer field, whether you’re just starting out, considering a career change, or trying to expand your expertise.

In today’s world, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. So in order to settle down in your career with a bright future, one should be efficient and qualified enough to operate and deal with technology, mainly computers. With the approach of Digital India, Skilled India and paperless India have increased the scope in the field of computer and IT sectors.

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Why Pursue BCA

Top 10 career after BCA

Frequently Asked Question

Why Pursue BCA

The subject of computer science offers a wide variety of thrilling, diversified, and high-growth occupations, from software development to cybersecurity. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the number of jobs in computer science will rise by 13% between 2020 and 2030.

With a solid foundation in computer science and technology provided by a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) degree, graduates are prepared for a range of jobs in the IT sector. Computer science experts report a high level of job satisfaction, and computing positions are currently among the highest-paid jobs. Artificial intelligence, computer systems and networks, security, database systems, human-computer interaction, vision and graphics, numerical analysis, programming languages, software engineering, bioinformatics, and theory of computing are the main fields of study and employment in computer science. Some common job titles for computer graduates include – Game developer, software engineer, Front- end developer, and Data Scientist. Following are a few career alternatives for graduates to think about.

Top 10 career after BCA

1. System Analyst

System analysts evaluate and enhance computerized procedures and systems in businesses. They assess the needs of the company and create plans for implementing new technology. Job roles also include taking hold of management and stakeholders to evaluate existing procedures and systems to identify areas of inefficiency, waste, or redundancy. They also assess the potential of new technologies that can improve processes, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Average Starting Salary: 5 – 6 LPA

2. Database Administrator

Today due to social media, the data stored in the networks is increasing rapidly at an exponential rate. So we require people who have knowledge about how to retrieve information from the data after clearing and to perform maintenance of the data by making inquiries. A BCA candidate gets knowledge about the maintenance of databases and transaction management from SQL queries.

Average Starting Salary: 3.8 – 5 LPA

3. Software Developers

The students who have knowledge about coding can go for developing software for companies by using programming and programming languages like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, ASP, JSP, Tomcat, Python, and Perl etc. Whereas students with a web development background can choose a career in the IT industry. If you have sound knowledge and expertise in programming languages like .Net, C++. C3, Java, etc. then you can opt for software development.

Average Starting Salary: 4.5 – 6 LPA

4. Mobile App Developer

Developers of mobile applications are experts in creating, testing, debugging, and maintaining mobile apps. They contribute to the growth of ongoing projects using their strong programming and analytical skills, suggesting updates and improvements to software programs as required. In addition to having familiarity with popular mobile programming languages, most opportunities for mobile application developers call for prior experience creating mobile applications for a variety of various platforms.

To better your chances of being accepted into the relevant disciplines. You must make a portfolio or functioning demo (Projects) to demonstrate your knowledge and talents.

Average Starting Salary: 3.3 – 5 LPA

5. Web Developer

Web development is a crucial aspect of modern business, as most companies require an online presence to engage with their customers and target audience. Building and managing websites is an essential part of web development, and it involves a wide range of tasks that require various skills and technologies.

Web developers use programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to create and maintain websites. Working on these languages allows developers to design and structure the website’s layout, create interactive features, and connect the website to a database or server.

Average Starting Salary: 2.2 – 5 LPA

6. Network Administrator

In today’s world, networking is required for every application present. It has become one of the basic needs of man. As a result, it led to the formation of IoT (Internet of Things). Now in order to manage these IoT devices, there is a huge requirement for network administrators in the market. Thus, a BCA graduate can be a perfect fit for taking responsibility for the aforementioned task.

Average Starting Salary: 3.3 – 6 LPA

7. Games developers

Game developers are responsible for creating games that can be played on a wide range of devices, including personal computers, gaming consoles, mobile phones, and tablets. This job involves two primary components. The first involves the creative process of designing the game, which includes the creation of art, animation, and storyboards. The second component involves programming the game using languages such as C++, which is essential for making the game function as intended.

Overall, game development requires a combination of artistic creativity and technical skill, as well as a deep understanding of the gaming industry and the target audience.

Average Starting Salary: 3.3 – 5 LPA

8. Computer Entrepreneur

An individual who launches and manages a company focused on computer technology is known as a computer entrepreneur. This might be the best career after BCA for people wanting to start their own business. They might have a background in computer science or a related profession, and they may have discovered a market need that they think their company can satisfy.
Starting a business that produces software, hardware gives IT consulting services, or provides other technology-related goods and services is considered computer entrepreneurship.

It takes a solid grasp of both technology and business to succeed as a computer entrepreneur. This includes an understanding of fundamental business principles like marketing and sales, money, and other programming languages and software development processes. To stay ahead of the competition, it also demands a willingness to take chances, adjust to market changes, and continuously innovate.

Average Starting Salary: NA

9. Technical writers

Technical writers are professionals who create various types of technical documentation, such as user manuals, guidelines, and other materials that provide information about software and other technology-related products. Their main objective is to communicate complex technical information in a clear and concise manner that is easy for the intended audience to understand.

Technical writers work with subject matter experts to gather and research information, then organise and present it in a format that is accessible and useful to the end-users. This documentation may cover anything from software applications and hardware components to industrial equipment and medical devices. The role of technical writers is critical in ensuring that users can effectively operate and maintain technology products.

Average Starting Salary: 4 – 5.5 LPA

10. Cybersecurity Analyst

A cybersecurity analyst is a professional responsible for protecting computer systems and networks from cyber-attacks. They work to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities, develop security protocols and strategies, and monitor systems for any potential breaches.

Cybersecurity analysts use a variety of tools and techniques to protect computer systems and networks. They may install and maintain firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other security software to monitor and protect networks from unauthorized access or malicious attacks. They may also conduct vulnerability assessments to identify weaknesses in a system and develop plans to address these weaknesses

Average Starting Salary: 5.2 – 7 LPA

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Frequently Asked Question

Is BCA better than BTech?

Since BCA+MCA includes both graduate as well as post-graduate programs, it is better than BTech which is only an undergraduate course. The BCA+MCA program serves better opportunities in terms of job prospects and salary.

Is BCA enough to get a job?

What are BCA job opportunities? BCA is among the most popular graduation courses that students take after completing their school. In today’s day and age, getting a BCA degree is compulsory but it is not enough. It is not easy to find high-paying jobs for BCA graduates if one has not chosen the right courses after BCA.

Do companies hire BCA freshers?

Microsoft, TCS, IBM and HCL are the best companies for BCA freshers in India.

Which coding language is best in BCA?

JAVA is considered the best coding language. Java is one of the most demandable and most perceived programming dialects being used and probably the most presumed organizations post for Java abilities among people.

Is BCA full of coding?

The subject focuses on designing and developing web-based applications using a wide range of tools and programming languages. Learning in-depth HTML and XHTML coding along with design concepts in CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) allows students to create web pages.

Which is the best career after BCA?

Technical Analyst. It is one of the most interesting career options after the BCA course

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