Top 10 career Options after Bachelor Of Computer Applications (BCA) Course

Top 10 career Options after B.C.A.– In today’s world, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. So in order to settle down in your career with a bright future, one should be efficient and qualified enough to operate and deal with technology, mainly computers. With the approach of Digital India, Skilled India and paperless India have increased the scope in the field of computer and IT sectors.

The majority of the students choose B.C.A. after 10+2 in order to obtain knowledge about computers. But, the question arises, ‘what next after completing the college’, ‘what is the best career options for the BCA graduates’, ‘how to choose the perfect career after completing the BCA Course‘, and so on. If you are dealing with a similar context, then you’re not alone. A majority of the graduates feel uncertain and doubtful about choosing the right career in life. So, here are some of the career options after completing your BCA Course.

1. Working in MNC: Today there is a large number of multinational companies like TCS, Infosys, IBM, Accenture located in different parts of the country demanding candidates with sound knowledge regarding modern trends in the IT industry. The BCA students learn about the current inventions, technological advancements throughout their course period. Thus, a BCA graduate can apply their knowledge in the organization to help them in handling the fast-paced professional domain.

2. Higher Studies: A degree in BCA provides you with a wonderful opportunity to pursue higher studies. If you are willing, you can further increase your knowledge by pursuing higher studies like M.C.A. which is 3 years course or M.Sc in Computer Science, which is a 2 years course. The student can further enhance their knowledge for the future by doing some small courses like .net, VB, etc. if they do not want to give time for the above courses.

3. Database Administrator: Today due to social media, the data stored in the networks is increasing rapidly at an exponential rate. So we require people who have knowledge about how to retrieve information from the data after clearing and to perform maintenance of the data by making inquiries. A BCA candidate gets knowledge about the maintenance of database and transaction management from SQL queries.

4. Software and Web Developers: The students having knowledge about coding can go for developing software for companies by using programming and programming languages like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, ASP, JSP, Tomcat, Python, and Perl etc. Students with a web development background can choose a career in the IT industry. If you have a sound knowledge and expertise on programming languages like .Net, C++. C3, Java, etc. then you can opt for software development.

5. Entrepreneurship: Inthe world of rapidly increasing technology, a BCA graduate with an innovative mindset can initiate his/her own startup. Entrepreneurship would be an incredible approach if it’s planned by combining knowledge gained from BCA along with strategic business development. The more innovative you are, the more benefit you will gain from the business. You can come with the problem-solving ideas that will not only accomplish your goal but also contribute to society in a tremendous way.

6. Network Administrator: In today’s world, networking is required for every application present. It has become one of the basic needs of man. As a result, it led to the formation of IoT (Internet of things). Now in order to manage these IoT devices, there is a huge requirement of network administrators in the market. Thus, a BCA graduate can be a perfect fit for taking responsibility for the aforementioned task.

7. Graphics Designer: A BCA graduate having interest in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw or having interest in image processing can opt for a graphics designer. The designer can work in various newspaper agencies to design advertisements or news content.

8. App Development Industry: App development industry is highly trending in today’s date. After websites, only the App development industry has received an overwhelming craze and response from the youngsters. It is used in companies which require sales and interaction with their clients. Today, almost all the companies are on a constant lookout for an app for their website and company. Knowledge in programming and programming languages like Java, XML, C, C++, HTML5, and MySQL (SQLite) etc. can be really helpful.

9. Software Tester: No software present in the market is 100% secure and bug-free. So to provide better software in the market, it is advised to be tested in order to remove the bug for the enhanced security. A software tester analyses a software to find any sorts of bugs by providing various types of inputs.

10. Government Jobs: A large number of BCA course students opt for government jobs through various exams held in the country. They are also eligible to appear for the Civil Services through UPSC Exam. As BCA students have ample mathematical background, Officer level jobs in both public and private banks through IBPS, and various banking exams is a reasonable fit.
As a result, there are extensive career options for BCA students.

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