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In the world driven by the vigor of technological evolution and the hype of internet, a BCA degree can grant you with a plethora of career opportunities. The contemporary scenario is that even the smallest startup or business are influenced by this surge. The demand for prompt and easy services are on a constant rise. Be it online shopping, bill payments, product promotion, surveys, fixing software & technical issues are done online. The current generation and the modern world has widely acknowledged machine learning that has developed AI and IoT in day-to-day lives.

In India alone, IoT products like smart refrigerators, smart door locks controlled by smartphones, have started to penetrate the market. On top of that, the government’s vision of digital India and smart cities clearly indicates the upsurge and growth in IoT. So, it’s evident for a rise in demand for professionals to manage, customize, and cater to the calls of this modern world. If you’re inclined to this domain, a BCA Course can help you land a good career in a diverse segment of the IT industry – both in India and abroad.

How To Enter The Full-Time BCA Program?

BCA is the ideal option for giving a headstart to your career in the IT sector. A student who has passed 10+2 with mathematics as one of their core subjects at the secondary level are eligible to enroll in the course. The procedure for the admission could vary from one college to the other. In India, it’s almost mandatory for the candidates to qualify the entrance test conducted by the authorities on various levels. Such as national, state, and university level. A good number of institutions even approve entry based on the candidate’s marks in the class 12 board exam.

Is There Any Career Prospects For BCA Graduates in Government Sector?

In almost all the industry, IT experts and professionals are required for running or operating some major automation. And the Government sector is no exception. A BCA graduate can land a job in public sectors like – Railways, Defence, Banking, Media, etc. But, you need to appear for a competitive exam and qualify in it to get a Government job. Once you get hired, you will be offered a handsome salary with additional benefits and extra perks. Besides, your salary will be improved every time you get promoted and even during the ‘pay commission’ advise appraisal in basic payrolls.

Career Prospects For BCA Graduates In Private Sector With Salaries

Pursuing a full-time degree course prepares you for professional challenges and responsibilities. With a BCA degree, you can land a career in esteemed private organizations. The private sectors are continuously in a dearth of software developers, engineers, software programmers, system analyzer, game developers, network engineers, web designers, etc. During your training period, you’ll be paid a modest payment. Once you’re done with the training, you’ll receive a good salary package. So, below is the list of ‘Job-Oriented’ fields for the BCA grads.

Website Design
Game Design, Testing, and Development
Desktop Publishing
Business Process Operations (BPO)
Financial Institutions
Software Development & Management
Faculty in training institutes and schools
Software Programming

BCA Entry Level Or Average Salary For The BCA Graduates By Job Profile

Job Profile

Average Salary Range Per Month

IT Trainee

Rs. 18500

E-commerce Executive


System Administrator


Networking Trainee


IT Executive

Rs. 21200

Search Engine Marketing

Rs. 19500

Server Monitoring


Software Engineer Trainee


Trainee Programmer


Software Developer Trainee


Backoffice Operations

Rs. 17500

Inventory Management Online

Rs. 19600

Data Administration

Rs. 22000

Technical Support


Server Administrator


Non-Voice Process

Rs. 16200

Bank Operations

Rs. 22250

Online Sales Admin

Rs. 20000

Online Marketing

Rs. 22000

BCA Freshers’ Salary By Reputed Private Companies In India


Average Salary In Rupees Per Annum


Rs.290,000 – 315,000


Rs.265,000 – 300,000


Rs.240,000- 280,000


Rs.300,000 – 360,000


Rs.267,000 – 320,000


Rs.275,000 – 325,000


BCA Average Salary Based On Work Experience

Years Of Experience

Average Salary In Rupees

0-1 year

Rs. 280,000

1-4 years


5-9 years


10-19 years



BCA Average Salary By Major Cities In India (BCA Without Any Higher Degree/Additional Skills)

City (State)

Average Salary In Rupees Per Annum

Bangalore (Karnataka)


Chennai (Tamil Nadu)


Delhi (NCR)




Mumbai (Maharashtra)


New Delhi




BCA Avaerage Salary By Industry (BCA Without Any Higher Degree/Additional Skills)


Average Salary In Rupees Per Annum





Information Technology and ITES


Information Technology (Consulting)




Software Development


Software as a Service (SaaS)


Looking For A Place To Give A Headstart To Your Career? Here’s One Of The Best BCA Colleges to Study For Your Bright Career

Inspiria Knowledge Campus extends a 3-year full-time undergraduate BCA course. The college strives to hone the skills and sustain the inclinations of a learner – be it for media, hospitality, global business or tech. Besides, the college aims for providing the essential knowledge and skill set in a learner and make them qualified for entering the aspired career. The students get access to the state of the art tools, modern labs, and a well-stocked library anytime.

Throughout the course, students are catered with both theoretical and practical knowledge through lectures, seminars, workshops, tests, competitions, etc. Besides, the college ensures the industry insight and experience through a mandatory internship program that is incorporated as a part of the BCA syllabus or course curriculum.

The students get personalized assistance from qualified faculty members. Apart from the course, the students are furnished with core skill development sessions. Such as soft skills development, personality development, communication skills, decision-making skills, leadership skills and much more.

Inspiria strives to bring out the best in a learner, focusing on their inclinations, supporting their vulnerabilities, inspiring the learners throughout the course. The college adopts a culture where the modern world professionals and the ones with the entrepreneurship inclination can learn and thrive to meet their aspired purpose.

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