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How can we write quickly, efficiently, and neatly in our exam

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In today's context, writing methods have been drastically changed. People rarely worry about 'how to write fast' or regarding their handwriting. Gone are the days when people flaunted their penmanship through beautifully handwritten notes and letters. Today, the use of pen and paper seems non-existent due to the rise of digital notepads and screens, typing keyboards and the other modern writing devices. The practice of handwriting is dying amongst the students as they prefer the use of laptops, PCs, and mobile devices for writing and storing their notes and assigned tasks. With a nearly non-existent culture of handwriting practices, the

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How to score 99% Marks in Board Exams Tips to become Topper?

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A topper's rank is the most coveted status when it comes to cracking the class 12 board exams. Students gearing up for the upcoming board exams must be quite concerned about 'how to score good marks in 12th board exam'. If you dream of securing the highest position in the board exam results, then you need to maintain a stable and regular study plan without any fail. All the students appearing for the class 12 board exams, read this blog that precisely talks about 'how to score 99% marks in 12th board exams'.   1. Set a positive mindset A

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Top 10 Ways to Overcome the Fear of CBSE Board Exam 2019

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Preparing for the 2019 CBSE boards? Living in a country where the grades are given the utmost bent, scoring the outstanding grades with ever growing competition can be extremely challenging. In India, the number of students appearing for CBSE boards exceeds 10 lakh every year. So, in the process of board exam preparation, it's certain to encounter fear of exam phobia or examination phobia. If you're gearing up for CBSE Board Exam 2019, then quickly read this blog that best explains about 'how to overcome the fear of exams'.   1. Prepare a timetable Prepare a time-table before you continue

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LogoMotion – Enhancing Brand Performance

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Inspiria Knowledge Campus witnessed an engaging interdepartmental competition ‘LogoMotion’ organized and executed by ‘Insignia’ - the Management Club of Inspiria on the 9th of November, 2018. A total of eight teams spanning across various departments participated in the event in teams of four with representation from various batches. Each team was given a case study which necessitated them to think in a team and conceptualize and create a brand logo, logo storyline & adoption, brand differentiation & positioning that would enhance the firm’s competitive position in the market.     Teams were given case studies and necessary arrangements to create

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Grooming Extravaganza an Initiative by Women Cell of Inspiria

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A great initiative was taken by the Women Cell of INSPIRIA KNOWLEDGE CAMPUS. The first ever workshop done by the members of the women cell where we had Priyanshi Jalan, Dr.Sanjukta Chaudhari (Neotia Getwel Healthcare) and the HABIBS as our guest speakers, the session was informative and helpful. Priyanshi, a fashion blogger who believes in being classy yet quirky gave a quick gist of the professional and personal aspects of styling an individual should be aware of. Discussing the updated trends of the fashion line, she also highlighted the do’s and the don'ts a girl should follow. Ms. Priyanshi gave