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Celebrating Women’s Day in Ethnic Style

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March 8, marks International Women’s day and Inspiria Knowledge campus celebrated this women's day in its own ethnicity. For over 100 years International Women’s Day has celebrated the achievements of women worldwide and the struggle for gender equality.     8th of march witnessed a combination of celebrating international women's day along with the ethnic day . It was a day , dedicated to all those who stood against odds and have excelled in their fields . We were honoured to welcome Dr. Neela Bhattacharya : plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Smita Das Ghosh : gynecologist , Mrs. Sweta Tiwari

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Insvaganza 2019- The Dynamic Approach towards Learning and Recreation

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The third edition of Inspiria Annual Socio-cultural Fest - INSVAGANZA 2019 was successfully organized on 22nd and 23rd of February. Plausibly the biggest annual fest of this region was comprised of 34 events across two days, with 20+ colleges participating from and across the region of North Bengal.     Also, partnered with well-known sponsors across the city, this fest claims to increase its footfall every year at a great rate.     The best part was the "Fusion Wood" band which the students relished. With various compelling events like turn a coat, business events, and many creative and cultural

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When “Youth” painted the city Orange! | #InspiriaYouthRun 2019

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Inspiria Knowledge Campus hosted the second edition of Inspiria Youth Run on 24th February 2019. It was a chilly Sunday Morning. The empty roads and the quiet ambience was the obvious proof that the city craved more of the Sunday morning slumber. However, it was otherwise at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. From the dawn of 5.00 AM onwards, the campus brimmed with the volunteers and the enthusiastic participants for the marathon. It's an unquestionable truth that the running is universally popular sports activities that can be participated by everyone in spite of one's age and physical dimensions, be it height or

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Toastmasters 34th Session – ‘L’Amour Toujours-Love Always.’

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The air of valentine’s week spread it’s magic on Inspiria Toastmasters Club on 9th February 2019. To celebrate the joy of love, the club organised a special session on Saturday. The plans on how to make it a perfect blend of entertainment as well as an educating session went on for weeks until the final day. Everything needed to be perfect and fun at the same time. This event was also a part of one of the goals of the pathways, completing which a member check marked on that objective. Therefore, it was an important event for the member as

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“Clash of Minds” An Inter-departmental Debate Competition

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INSIGNIA, the Management club of Inspiria organised an Inter-departmental debate competition named as "Clash of Minds" on 8th of february' 2019. Insignia firmly stands for inculcating and developing students to bring out the best in themselves in terms of participation in activities. A debate competition is an effective method to instill a 'thinking mind' among students to understand issues that may affect them in their lives. The event began around 2 pm where students from various departments and faculty members gathered as audience to cheer up the participants.There were a total of 10 participants, 2 from each department. The participants


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