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Esperanza 2.0 | India’s Largest E-Media Fest

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Amidst a horrifying crisis surrounding the world, crippling the walls of every sector and sucking out optimism from every individual, 'Esperanza,' an initiative by Inspiria Tv, was born. The nation was breathing melancholy and despair; it is then that the media students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus made an initiative to organize India's largest e-media fest, 'Esperanza,' under the umbrella of Inspiria Tv. As the name suggests, 'Esperanza' meaning hope, the whole idea behind the event was to generate hope within every residing individual and amalgamate young India. The objective was to unite India and unleash young talents for a brighter

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Inspiria YouthRun – India’s Biggest Virtual Marathon Event 2021

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Virtual Marathon India 2021: Inspiria YouthRun virtual run challenge is more than just an alternate marathon event. It carries with it a myriad of purposes. Firstly, to contribute to the education of underprivileged kids. Secondly, to spotlight the sporting culture amongst the youth in the Northeastern region. Thirdly, to motivate the community to lead a fit & healthy lifestyle. If you are seeking a way out of your comfort zone, Inspiria YouthRun 4.0 is your chance to shun your doubts and pursue your freedom towards becoming the best version of yourself. Initiated as a manual race event in 2018, Inspiria

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InspiriaQ 2021: Your Favourite Online Quiz Competition is Back

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Online quiz Even with the pandemic reigning upon us last year InspiriaQ turned out to be the first ever online quiz competition to be held in the North Bengal region. This year as well, the goal is to bring forward one of the best online quiz contest experiences for the students. The InspiriaQ online quiz competition certificates will be given instantly i.e. at the end of the online quiz. InspiriaQ 2021 will definitely be one of the most challenging yet fun online quiz competitions for students during this pandemic. One of the biggest inter-school competitions in North Bengal, InspiriaQ is back in search of the best brains across India. InspiraQ an annual event

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EdTech Startup Event 2021 – Where your ideas transform into Startups

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Technology is the driving force behind the new normal. The outbreak of a pandemic has urged the growth of some of the best EdTech Startups in India. With the shutdown of educational institutions worldwide, the pandemic affirmed the call for EdTech Startups that could reshape the future of education. Despite the never-ending challenges, a good number of EdTech Startups in India emerged while the world remained under a prolonged lockdown. With 2020 being the new era for Startups, the Indian EdTech industry ascended the rank of the second largest in the world. The industry is estimated to reach USD 3.2

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Inspiria Yet Again Successfully Conducts InCode 2021 On India’s Largest Coding Platform CodeChef!

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InCode 2021: With a purpose to encourage and strengthen the skills of the coders across North Bengal, Inspiria once again successfully conducted InCode 2021 on the campus premises. If you are not aware, InCode is a flagship event of Inspiria, powered by CodeChef - the largest coding platform in India. The first of its kind to get conducted in the North Bengal region, InCode was initiated way back in 2017. The event testified a good number of participation from colleges and schools across the region. Young coders enthusiastically took part in the event to test their coding skills. The contest,

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