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Inspiria Yet Again Successfully Conducts InCode 2021 On India’s Largest Coding Platform CodeChef!

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InCode 2021: With a purpose to encourage and strengthen the skills of the coders across North Bengal, Inspiria once again successfully conducted InCode 2021 on the campus premises. If you are not aware, InCode is a flagship event of Inspiria, powered by CodeChef - the largest coding platform in India. The first of its kind to get conducted in the North Bengal region, InCode was initiated way back in 2017. The event testified a good number of participation from colleges and schools across the region. Young coders enthusiastically took part in the event to test their coding skills. The contest,

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2021 Coding Competition – Participate And Win Cash Prizes With CodeChef Certification

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InCode 2021: Hey there! If you are someone who loves to code, then this blog is for you! InCode 2021 brings you the best opportunity to test your coding skills! For your knowledge, InCode is a coding contest initiated by Inspiria Knowledge Campus. The contest intends to recognize the coding skills at a global level. The contest was originally conducted on the campus before the world underwent the harsh impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Following the restrictions imposed on crowds and gatherings, InCode 2021 Coding Contest will be held online this time. More so, we care for each participant, thus,

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Startup Weekend Siliguri 2020 Recap

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The Entrepreneurship wing at Inspiria Knowledge campus organized the 2nd edition of Startup Weekend Siliguri virtually on 30-31st Oct & 1st Nov. The event testified a profusion of ideas with participants from diverse backgrounds belonging from various regions across the country. Whilst some joined in to get a zest of entrepreneurship, some seized the opportunity to assess their startup ideas they’ve been working for a long. The entire event was hosted on Airmeet, an all-in-one platform to host immersive events and build real connections, online. Airmeet was also the official technology partner for the event. Friday 30th October The event

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Inspiria Launches All India Craft Excellence Contest 2020

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Design Your Dream Home: Young Designers Contest - We all possess certain dreams and goals in life. Whether it's getting a dream job or, traveling to a dream destination, the list goes on and beyond. Regardless of all the aspirations, one actual dream we all nourish is having a dream home. If you are passionate about designing your own home Or, have a knack for creating fascinating interior design ideas, this blog is for you! However, in this fast-paced digital era, with cut-throat competition, a lot of hard work is required to stand aloof from the crowd. For the first

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InspiriaQ Concludes Its 1st Ever Digital Edition

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The rise of covid-19 from the streets in Wuhan ripped the world apart. With the advent of social distancing norms, businesses including the schools, colleges were forced to shut down for an indefinite span to curb the spread. The prolonged crisis incited by the pandemic not only altered the way of life but as well pushed the humans to amend the perspectives regarding everything. Although a little hope is restored with the emerging trials of vaccination against the coronavirus, in the meantime, businesses including the education system underwent a radical transition. Following the outbreak and the social distancing constraints, the

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