Inspiria YouthRun 2023: The most beloved run event of North Bengal

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Inspiria Youthrun 2023

The Inspiria YouthRun 2023, hosted by Inspiria Knowledge Campus, is more than just a mere race – it is an exhilarating celebration of endurance, community spirit, and a commitment to promoting physical fitness. Although the event is our way of promoting a healthy lifestyle among the youths in the city; it is certainly not limited to just youths. 

While our main aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle among young people, YouthRun is open to participants of all ages. This year, we happily had participants as young as 12 yrs. and as experienced as 63 yrs. showcasing a diverse and inclusive event for everyone. This diverse range of participants underscores our belief that fostering a culture of fitness and togetherness knows no age limit, making Inspiria YouthRun a truly vibrant and inclusive community affair.

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YouthRun 2023 – Event Overview

As is the tradition, Inspiria YouthRun took place on the last Sunday of November with participants competing in two categories: 5 km and 10 km. This edition set a new record with an astounding 1200 runners. Mr. Atul Gupta (Managing Trustee, Inspiria Knowledge Campus) himself actively participated in the run. 

The event was supported by 20 bike marshalls stationed along the marathon route to monitor and manage the flow of participants and to ensure that runners follow the designated course and provide assistance to anyone who may have taken a wrong turn. 

The bike marshal was also accompanied by the enthusiasm of 12 Inspiria YouthRun Ambassadors and 6 pacers. The ambassadors and pacers motivated and encouraged the runner and made sure to set and maintain a consistent pace throughout the race.


A total of seven individuals emerged as winners in YouthRun 2023. The list below showcases both the winners and the runners-up for the event.

The winners were awarded YouthRun Trophy under different categories and every participant received a certificate of appreciation and an Olympic size medal.

Race Course

The race course was thoughtfully crafted to ensure an enjoyable experience for the runners. Participants in the registered 5K and 10K categories navigated through scenic trails encompassing Himachal Vihar, the City Centre Mall area, and Uttarayan.

Moreover, the course featured five hydration points strategically placed to keep the participants refreshed and energized. The availability of these hydration stations added a thoughtful touch, acknowledging the physical demands of the run and promoting a sense of well-being among the runners. In matters of safety, an ambulance was stationed at the disposal, standing by to address any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

YouthRun 2023 – Race Day

On November 26th Sunday morning, while the rest of the city was still immersed in the calmness of the weekend slumber, Inspiria Knowledge Campus buzzed with activity. From as early as 4:30 AM, volunteers filled the campus, giving out final instructions for the event. By 5 AM, every volunteer was stationed at their assigned spot.

For the 10 km run, participants were supposed to report by 5:15 AM, and for the 5 km, it was 5:30 AM. The warm-up session, accompanied by lively music, kicked off the morning, and participants joyfully joined in. The 10 km run started at 6:00 AM, followed by the 5 km run at 6:30 AM.

By around 8 am, the last participants crossed the finish line. Post-race, everyone got their well-deserved finisher’s medal and then headed to Inspia ground for breakfast and the trophy ceremony. The atmosphere at Inspiria ground was festive, resembling a carnival. Photo stalls and game setups added to the excitement, and participants were spotted having a great time shooting hoops on the all-weather basketball court.

Hands-on Experience for Dept. of Sports Management

The YouthRun event proved to be an invaluable hands-on experience for Inspiria’s Department of Sports Management, offering students a live event platform to apply their theoretical knowledge. Serving as a grand stage, the event became a testing ground for students to showcase and enhance their leadership skills. The practical exposure allowed them to delve into crucial areas such as strategy formulation and utilization, giving them a firsthand understanding of the intricacies involved in organizing and executing a successful sports event.

Moreover, the event became a dynamic arena for building teamwork, emphasizing the significance of collaboration and coordination in the real-world context of sports management. Students had the opportunity to actively engage in athlete management during the event, gaining practical insights into the sports management scope, challenges and responsibilities associated with ensuring a smooth and efficient athletic experience.

In essence, the Inspiria YouthRun not only provided a tangible and immersive experience for the Department of Sports Management students but also served as a comprehensive learning ground, bridging the gap between theory and practical application in the dynamic field of sports event management.


Participating in Inspiria YouthRun isn’t just about running; it’s a unique experience that tests your physical and mental strength. This event holds a special place in the hearts of young participants, and it’s not limited to just Siliguri – runners from Darjeeling, Sikkim, and different parts of North Bengal joined in for the Inspiria YouthRun 2023. We’re absolutely thrilled to see such an overwhelming response and enthusiasm from the participants,” added Rahul Gupta, Operational Race Director of YouthRun.

The YouthRun is a noble initiative by Inspiria Knowledge Campus to foster a sporting culture in North Bengal and beyond. In addition, it aims to create awareness of physical fitness and encourage fitness enthusiasts of all ages to run as one. Since its inception in 2018, Inspiria YouthRun continues to inspire, educate and empower the youths.

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