Certificate in Mobile App Design for iOS and Android

Apps are in! There’s no denying it. Dozens of new high-quality apps are being launched every day. There are apps to find food, apps to find rides, apps to find more apps and the list goes on. But how do you become an app designer anyway? As with so many paths to success, there are some helpful and progressive steps to turn your great idea into reality, or land you a job with that hot startup you’ve had your eye on.

This course is for developers, designers and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to design a successful app. At the end of the day, apps are “products” and the design plays a huge role in the success of that product.Inspiria Knowledge Campus brings you a course that will give you a comprehensive learning about the process of mobile application design.


Module – I

Introduction to UI Design


Module – II

Wireframing, Interaction Design and Planning


Module – III

Designing our App


Module – IV

Working with a Developer

Course fee for Mobile App Design is Rs 30,000 only



Course duration for Mobile App Design is 5 months ( 2 days in a week class )