“Clash of Minds” An Inter-departmental Debate Competition

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INSIGNIA, the Management club of Inspiria organised an Inter-departmental debate competition named as Clash of Minds on 8th of february’ 2019.

Insignia firmly stands for inculcating and developing students to bring out the best in themselves in terms of participation in activities. A debate competition is an effective method to instill a ‘thinking mind’ among students to understand issues that may affect them in their lives.

The event began around 2 pm where students from various departments and faculty members gathered as audience to cheer up the participants.There were a total of 10 participants, 2 from each department. The participants where already given their motion as ‘for’ or ‘against’ on the topic ” Women are trying to become more like men.”

Ms Steffi Prasad and Ms Geetanjali Rathore were the esteemed judges for the event. Mr. Arnab Sen acted as the moderator for the debate competition. It was a highly stimulating talk with different views and opinions on their respective motions. The speakers were full of energy and enthusiasm which kept the audience enthralled till the end.

Sneha Pandey of BBA (3rd year) won the trophy of the Winner, also winning the cash price of Rs 1000/– and Dimpi Singhal of BMS (2nd year) stood second winning cash price of Rs 500/- .
It was a wonderfully co-ordinated event organised by the management club of Inspiria.

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