Toastmasters 34th Session – ‘L’Amour Toujours-Love Always.’

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The air of valentine’s week spread its magic on Inspiria Toastmasters Club on 9th February 2019. To celebrate the joy of love, the club organized a special session on Saturday. The plans on how to make it a perfect blend of entertainment, as well as an educating session, went on for weeks until the final day. Everything needed to be perfect and fun at the same time. This event was also a part of one of the goals of the pathways, completing which a member check-marked on that objective. Therefore, it was an important event for the member as well as everyone in the club. Selective members of the club helped in the planning and execution of the event.

On ‘the day’ members reached earlier than the scheduled time and helped in the decoration and setting up of the location. The president along with SAA and VP Membership took care of the guest’s requirements and final touches before the beginning of the session. After the stage was set and the audience all seated SAA called for the onset of the session with the oath-taking ceremony and reading of general rules and regulations. President then welcomed the guests who gave their short introductions and wished all the best to the speakers. TMOD then took over and with the theme of ‘L’Amour Toujours-Love Always.’ the session proceeded.

The variety of speeches was a delightful experience for all spectators, and the showstopper like always was the table topic session. While speakers imagined themselves to be different objects and delivered their table topic speech on the same it filled the crowd with glee and not even the mixture of bad weather and outdoor location could dull that. All smiles, laughter, and applause roared louder as the ballots for the bests were presented. Accompanying the ballots in this special session were beautiful roses for the ballot achievers and other categories of –

1. Speaker with zero grammatical errors.

2. Fastest response to the listener’s questions.

3. Maximum usage of the Word of the Day

4. Least number of fillers.

With the aura of love and happiness spread through beautifully crafted speeches and of course the flowers, the President adjourned the session after feedbacks and suggestions from the guest. Overall it was a successful event with many lessons of its own always accompanied with tips on the areas that the club needs to work and improve on. Also, maximum members participation proved the phrase of, ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ to it’s most extent. The speeches merged with the theme of the day and the inclusion of the word of the day, ‘reverie’ set just the desired mood and atmosphere

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