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Since the conception of Darwin’s ‘struggle for existence’, the human race including all the living organisms on this planets has justified the concept – “fight for the survival”. Life is full of challenges in various stages. But the most vulnerable and challenging factor for the “human race” is to remain fit, firm, and fresh. Medical science from the early days has tried and is still supporting the human race to maintain the above-stated factors. Medical science has strengthened its ground by adopting the best utilities of modern and evolving technology.

Technology in the sense of computer and medical in the sense of equipment are running parallelly like the shore of a river. Computer technology has its immense effect on medical science for proper and quick treatment to the patient – which was lacking in ancient ages. Let us enlighten these modern technological augmentations within a few words to encourage our current generation towards the world of Computer technology.

X- rays:

X rays are the radiation of electromagnetic waves which penetrates through the human body and put an impression on the x-ray plate by which doctors can identify any injury or illness inside the human body. Then the question may arise, where is the contribution of the computer? the answer is the invention of Digital Radiography. Digital Radiography is the technique similar to x-rays, but instead of using x-ray plates for the impression, the data directly feed into the computer during the examination of a patient so that without wasting any further time proper treatment can be applied.

CT scan/ CAT scan:

Full form of CT scan is Computed Tomography which is also known as Computerised Axial Tomography. Its uses the principle of x-ray to produce a series of human body images from different angles. These images are fed to the computer to create a detailed 2-D image of scanned organs, bones or even blood vessels. Its special utility is to provide a clear vision of the tumors inside the human body so that the doctor can prepare for an operation.


Full form of MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imagining. MRI is used to produce a 3-D image of internal structure and activities especially soft tissue without emitting any kind of radiation like x-ray or CT scan. The bio-electric activity takes place inside the human body are detected using MRI machine and fed to the computer to detect the physical and operational defects without any invasive surgery. Spectroscopy: Spectroscopy is the process where the suspected part( it can be biopsy tissue or suspected dangerous substances) is been placed under radiation for a while of time.which in turn reflects the radiation in a form of the pattern called “spectrum”. These spectrums are then fed into the computer to matched with the previously stored data patterns. Which allows the doctors to take the decision regarding the presence of any poisonous substance and to initialize proper treatment as per requirement.


ICU or Intensive Care Unit is one of the major areas in the hospital where the patient of the critical condition is been kept under the monitor of advanced computing devices. These computer devices use vital statistics monitoring software(i.e a preprogrammed software) to record and monitor blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, oxygen levels, etc. , so that the device can notify the medical staffs if any of the above statistics go above the acceptable range.

Remote Operation:

With the invention of internet technology, the remote operation has become a successful step in medical science. Computer-controlled surgeries allowed the doctors to operate on a patient residing many miles away. Video networking and real-time vital statistics monitoring allow for safe, precise surgeries that are observed by on-staff doctors or students.


To diagnose the patient is the vital phase in medical science before approaching for the treatment. The concept of a computer database has helped medical science to store diagnostic information and make that information searchable. Information collected from previous cases and storing them will help the professionals to avail the information at any time and from anywhere. Cloud technology has made this possible.

Medical Research:

Some diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Alzheimer’s are chronic to the human race. Medical researchers are on their way to find proper treatment to cure these technologies with all sorts of software connecting millions of computers in a manner that exponentially increases the speed at which potential cures may be found. Online medical assistant platform: As per the development of software application, the development of “I” generation has provided a platform where the patient can have advice directly with the doctors regarding the illness without physically visiting the doctor’s chamber or hospital.Even though the invention of Artificial Neural Network, Image Processing techniques, Machine Learning, is now on the way to upgrade the existing technology and to provide the human race with a platform which they never been think of it. Medical Science is the only way to save the human race from challenging diseases. It is the technology with its open hand, is helping and will help in the future to strengthen the medical science on the battlefield against the chronic disease to protect the human race for their existence.

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