Degree or Diploma? What to Choose? Which is Better?

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Exploring the differences between a Diploma and a Degree can often be challenging. An academic institution can grant both these awards, but each award refers to a slightly different thing. The question which arises on majority of the student’s mind is which one is better and can ensure lucrative career options after completion of School.

A common misconception imbibed on the student’s mind is that diploma is generally related to specialization on a particular field whereas a degree programme offers a more comprehensive and traditional curriculum. To a large extent this is true but that is not the whole story. It is important to properly differentiate and understand the differences between the two while choosing a course in either mode.

  • In case of a degree programme the duration of the programme is 3 to 4 years depending on the subject and domain while one can complete diploma in 1 to 2 years.
  • A degree is generally conferred to a person by an accredited college or recognized university whereas a diploma can be conferred to a person by any private educational or vocational institution or polytechnic.
  • The minimum eligibility for degree is Higher Secondary i.e. 12th whereas for diplomas it is High School, i.e 10th
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  • A degree programme is structured to provide an overview of academic knowledge of all the subjects apart from the one subject that the person may be interested in exploring further for both career and academic interests which is referred to as a “major” or “specialization” whereas diploma focuses more on getting a person trained and qualified on a particular trait while giving limited academic exposure.
  • The varied range of academic options offered by degree are much greater compared to diplomas which are mostly restricted to a specific set of skills and expertise.
  • Most of the universities have strict mandate that to pursue a Post graduate degree a person needs to be a graduate. While a degree holder can easily fulfill this criteria but its impossible for a diploma holder to continue his higher studies.

However there are number of sectors and company who opt for diploma holders because of their specializations but a person conferred with a degree will always have greater opportunities and career options to explore.

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