Farm to Fabric : Exploring Sustainable Fashion From its Roots

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Farm to Fabric

Sustainability has become essential in the fashion industry, with more companies striving to maintain ecological balance and reduce their environmental impact. In the textile industry, sustainable contributions are made before fabric formation to minimize the use of resources in finishing and garment manufacturing.

Sustainability has become a leading characteristic of textile fashion products, and using sustainable fibers as raw materials is an approach to meeting environmental and social standards. Sustainable fibers include organic cotton, bamboo, flax, hemp, jute, ramie, sisal, abaca, tencel, silk, wool, cashmere, mohair, qiviut, and banana.

Sustainable fibers

Biodegradable textiles are also being created using natural byproducts to address the waste problem. For instance, rose petal silk derived from Indian rose bushes, and the patent fabric from orange peels have favored the runway and high street. New sustainable options for leather are also being explored, such as plant based cashmere made from waste soy protein and salmon leather, created by repurposing discarded fish skin.

Moreover, cork leather sourced naturally from parts of the oak tree has become a popular alternative to animal leather, used to create consumer products like wallets, footwear, handbags, watches, clothes, accessories, furniture, yoga mats, shoes, and wall coverings. Recycled PET threads or plastic bottles are often used alone or alongside other fibers to create durable products like jackets, coats, shoes, bags,
hats, and accessories.

Sustainable Fashion

With growing awareness and a focus on future prospects, more sustainable fibers are emerging in the fashion industry. These fibers are used by famous designers and top brands, and fashion companies to guarantee environmental and social standards while creating high-fashion and quality products.

As the fashion industry evolves, sustainable fashion is becoming increasingly important. By exploring sustainable fibers from the roots, we can significantly contribute to maintaining ecological balance and reducing our impact on the environment.

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