Fashion Design Open House with Shantanu Kumar

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Fashion Open House with Shantanu Kumar was held at iNIFD Siliguri where Shantanu shared his experience of working in corporate as well as in growing companies and interacted with the students in order to guide them to have a promising career in the fashion industry.

The students got this opportunity and spoke their hearts out and what they aspired to be. They spoke about their career plans, monetary constraints and they were very willing to gain in-depth knowledge about the fashion industry.

Most of the fashion students had plans of opening their own boutiques after the completion of their course. Shantanu explained how one can explore areas like apparel design, textile design, footwear and accessory design, fashion photography, fashion journalism or even focus on niche areas and become pattern makers, visual merchandisers, retail store managers, personal stylists, fashion illustrators, fashion bloggers etc

Presentations were given on topics like design, fashion trends, their importance, types of fabrics, famous designers and their works. Since Shantanu is working on his own denim label, detailed insights were also given on denim production such as spinning, rope dyeing, sizing, weaving etc.

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