Mobile App Design Workshop in Siliguri

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The Mobile App Design Workshop was held on 26th April 2014 at Inspiria Information Centre. All the participants arrived by 3:00 pm.

It was a very interesting and informative session where the basic idea behind Mobile App Designing was given by Rakesh Mondal, Creative Head at Inspiria. The general concept is that you need to have knowledge of traditional coding and programming to become a Mobile App Designer. But the participants were taken aback when they were said that one just need to have the right aspiration and it was made pretty clear that anyone who has the goal set and willing to do something different, keeping the target user in mind, can become a successful Mobile App Designer.

It was an interactive session where each and every doubt was cleared by Rakesh Mondal. The participants were introduced to the basics of various latest technologies that can be handy in this prospect using practical examples. Every bit of the session was acknowledged and thoroughly enjoyed by the participants.

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