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It gives us immense happiness and a fact worthy of mention is that the fourth demo session saw young gaveliers take up roles & responsibilities proactively giving life to the demo session in the Toastmasters model. They were quick to grasp the process of evaluation and come forth with constructive feedback. Sanjana Dalai set agenda for the meeting and all other gaveliers took individual initiatives to give a formidable shape for the forthcoming sessions.

Arpan, Alex, Tenzin, Tanushree, and Miraz have volunteered to assist Sanjana to prepare to charter the club in due course.
Club officers positions have been taken up by the gaveliers with keen interest.Our Club President is Gavelier Ayush Gurung. Vice President of Education is Gavelier Arpan Sinha. Vice President Membership is Gavelier Upasana Chakraborty. Vice President of Public Relations is Gavelier Astha Sherpa. Our club Secretary is Gavelier Sanjana Dalai. Treasurer Gavelier Tejas Gupta and Sergeant At Arms Gavelier Alex.

Gaveliers participated in impromptu speech as a way to overcome the fear of public speaking. This is the most important phase of public speaking where the speaker has to muster the courage to face the audience. Even the best of the speaker will experience a hesitation when facing an audience. It was a good start as gaveliers put effort to stand on the stage and blurted their thoughts.

Congruency in thoughts will seep in slow and steadily. Currently, the focus is to help the gaveliers shed their fear of being on the stage. To be able to be comfortable with oneself. To have the confidence to speak their ideas and thoughts.

All in all, it was a splendid performance. An element of feedback was introduced as a way to guide them to work and strengthen their weaknesses as a speaker.

Gaveliers took note of every detail being shared and agreed in unanimity that they will work in every bit to instill locationary skills.
Best wishes to all of them !!

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