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The story we are going to put across is something which does not takes place every day. We are going to talk about Sarah Kashyap, an ex-professor and former Google employee who lived in Britain for major part of her growing years, she came back to India amidst a wave of crimes against women to show to the people that there also exists a vibrant, colorful and bright side of India. Sarah is a 29 year old woman, who dared to go on a solo motorcycle trip across the length and breadth of a country like India to prove that one can travel alone without getting murdered or raped.

Sarah travelled some 6000 odd kms. She started her journey from Bangalore covering 8 states & 2 union territories and ended at Leh, which is also known as “the Roof of the World”. At the end of the journey she says: “This is my attempt to make all women feel safe and strong. Coz, It’s all in the mind!”.

Yes very rightly said, it’s all in the mind, life will treat us with the way we want to be treated. This is truly a story to Inspire, a story which clearly states that ‘One who dares always wins’.

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