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Change, they say, is the only thing permanent! With each passing minute, the river flows, changes tracks, the winds erase the footprints, the child grows as life is celebrated in our majestic world. So too must man change – in his outer manifestations if not in respect of his core values which of course are eternal!

Digitization is the biggest change being witnessed in our times. Only a decade and a half back, we used pens to wire, a camera to click photos, a cassette and video player to listen to songs or watch movies and a TV set to watch television. We read the news in newspapers and sent mail trough the post office!

Today, we do all that using our computer – and much, much more! We fly aero planes, edit movies, play music, create architectural designs and execute nano surgeries – using a computer. Yet in most of our schools and colleges, we do not use the computer, at least as much as we should! If a student misses a crucial class, he misses it altogether! It’s really meaningless when you realize how easy it is to record the class content in power point, add the teacher’s audio and store it in a computer or an external drive for endless number of repetitions!

This is what we at Inspiria aim to do – digitalize the class room! We are partnering Google in this endeavor. Google classroom will help you, as a student, to revisit the course content discussed again and in class again. You can communicate to the teacher, clear your doubts and add even your own thought and feedback! What’s more, you don’t have to slog writing pages and pages of dictated notes, they are all there, ready for your use!

The whole business of teaching and learning with Google apps is a step by Inspiria to transform education digitally. It will also lead to an eco-friendly, paper-less way of imparting education. Against the ever-increasing rule of technology in all functions of life, the student will gain from being more tech savvy.

So here’s steeping into the fascinating paper-less, virtual world of digital education.

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