How to Show Confidence in a Job Interview?

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Confidence is the greatest asset to crack an interview. It gets you hired in your dream career. But, how to attain the required confidence in a job interview? It’s true that the organizations pick candidates that are confident. Confidence is an essential quality that creates a better and lasting impression on interviewers.

Confidence is found within oneself. Being confident means believing in yourself enough to make others believe in your true strengths and skills in the same way. Being confident and composed during a tense situation like your dream job interview can be tough. However, here’s the list of ways that teaches you ‘how to show confidence in a job interview’.

Thorough Preparation

To accomplish something, one must always be prepared. If you’ve got an important interview scheduled, prepare and practice answering the potential questions efficiently. The basic questions like ‘tell me something about yourself’, ‘your greatest strengths and weaknesses’, your hobbies’, ‘the reason why you want to get the job’, etc.
Make sure you’re well informed regarding all that’s being mentioned in your resume to answer each question confidently. Practice, the more you do, the better the interview procedure will be. Practice gains you higher confidence in yourself and in your performance.

Maintain Good Posture, Eye Contact, and Smile

Your body positioning says a lot about you. Do not stiffen your body. Make sure your body covers maximum space in the chair. Do not slouch and make yourself appear tiny.
Eye contact is important as it is quite obvious. It is inappropriate to stare directly in the eye of the interviewer. Do not look downwards or upwards while speaking out, as it creates an impression of low confidence and uncertainty. Maintain Good Eye Contact while listening to questions and while answering them. The majority finds it hard, but constant practice in front of the mirror can help to a great extent.
Don’t forget to smile in between during the process. Calm your facial expressions. Do not look distracted or super serious. Relax and enjoy the interview process without being stressed.

Listen, Speak slowly, Don’t Hasten to Answer

You cannot retrieve the spoken words. Thus, do not rush and burst out with a silly answer. Be patient. Take time to rethink your answer. Do not be afraid to ask for a moment before answering. Do not be afraid to pause before responding.
If you are unable to understand the question, ask your interviewer to repeat the question. Pausing and reconsidering is much better than speculating and rushing just to babble out an inappropriate answer before understanding the meaning.
Focus on listening. When you’re nervous, you tend to plan the answers in your mind and miss a chance to bond with the interviewer. When you become too busy thinking about what to answer, you’ll end up losing track of what the other person is speaking. So, listen and pause so that you don’t end up making it all awkward.

Practice Handshake

A firm handshake indicates confidence and a sound personality of an individual. On contrary, an infirm handshake creates a worse impression and exhibits a feeble personality. Infirm handshake indicates a lack of confidence and lack of knowledge in interviews.
Thus, to create a better impression and reveal greater confidence, make sure to maintain a good balance while shaking hands. Do not squeeze the hand of the other person while shaking hands, it will look aggressive. Do not be too strong nor be feeble while shaking hands. You can get the perfect idea of a perfect handshake by practicing it with your friends and your family.

Ask Questions, Don’t be Desperate

Remember, you’re not just looking for any job. You’re actually looking for the ‘right job’. One cannot always be certain about being hired in the very first job. Ask questions without being arrogant. Pretend like you have many opportunities and you’re particular about your preferences in your career.
However, don’t be proud in the process. Remember, you still need to impress them and sell yourself. Pretend like you’re scaling multiple opportunities but you’re more focused on finding the right one, not simply any job. Don’t be reckless. Be respectful, Be willing to flexible. If you’re unable to appear on certain interview date they asked about you, tell them a reason and propose another date.
If you’re not 100% clear or comfortable with their policies, ask them. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions that are unclear. Don’t be lenient and say “Yes” to everything they ask of you.

Confidence is a state of mind. Being a job seeker, you should know what exactly you want. Give clear explanations of what is being asked and what you want. Believe and radiate the best version of you during an interview. You will surely land your dream career.

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