How to Speak English Professionally – Experts Answer in 10 Points

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Speak English Professionally: English as we hear time and again is a Global language. It is one of the most widely spoken languages considering the speakers to be both native and non-natives. If we only consider the native speakers of a certain language then the most spoken language in the world is Cantonese and Mandarin. But let’s talk about English here. It has become such an accepted language that it is recognized as an official language in 67 countries and 27 non-sovereign entities.
It would not be wrong to title the language a tool in people’s lives. It is one of those skills which adds a lot of value to your personality, resulting in a wider range of opportunities in life. If you are fluent in the language i.e. speak, read and write your personality might seem more appealing than those who are not. Even that has narrowed down to just speaking. If you speak English well, have a good command of the language you may be preferred over those who don’t speak at all. Such is the significance of the language. If you are looking to broaden your career prospects, then improving your English might be one of the best and easiest ways to do it. It is very important that you know the professional language and not just be fluent in colloquial English. But how do you bring that professional tone? Well, this blog is just about that!

How to Speak English Professionally – Experts Answer in 10 Points

1. Set a Focal Point

Professional English just as the name sounds focuses on communication in a professional setting through the English language. So when you set out to improve your professional English first start from learning the general vocabulary and gradually you focus on your profession. There are certain words used only in certain lines of work. It is important to not misunderstand and misuse them in another context. Keeping your focus on your profession and improving your vocabulary would not only help you learn to speak the language professionally but will also be of great help in your career progression. You can even take help from the internet. A good way to improve your spoken English for your career would be to learn about new words, take online classes, and then put them to use in your daily life.

2. Work on Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the pillar of any language. You have to know the right words to make the language work in your favor i.e. for good communication. And the big difference between casual English and professional English comes from the vocabulary. The language is the same but the choice and use of words according to the scenarios is what makes a difference. To speak more professional English, you need to equip yourself more with new words. Learn as many professional terms as you can, learn as many synonyms, idioms, and phrases as possible. This depth of knowledge of words will broaden your vocabulary and when speaking you will sound more articulate. A strong vocabulary also widens your range of thinking and improves communication as a whole.

3. Listen to Learn

A good listener is always a good speaker because to be articulate you have to know. So when you are setting out on a journey to be a well-spoken person, you need to be ready to listen. Pay attention to the conversations you have with your colleagues and superiors at your workspace. Listen to how they express themselves by using various arrangements of words. Note down any new words that hit your ears. Find out its meaning and use that in your next conversation.
Listening doesn’t only mean paying attention to formal conversations. Keep your ears active even during casual; conversations with your colleagues, this will help you learn the difference simultaneously with the switch.
Anyone seeking knowledge should always be curious, if there are any instances where you don’t understand certain words, sentences or even jokes then ask. The more you ask the more you will know. If you already work in an English-speaking environment, achieving your goal through the above scenarios would be no difficult task. In case you don’t work in such an environment you can practice conversations with friends who are willing to help.

4. Mix it Up

Let’s get this straight again, the only aspect that makes a difference between regular English (casual) and professional English is words. Certain words are not acceptable in a business setting and other words are replaced by a different word in a business environment. Let’s take the word ‘Goal’, in a professional setting this word is replaced by the word ‘Objective’ the majority of times. Another example is the word ‘Consensus’ which means general agreement; this is also a heavily used word in business settings. Apart from these kinds of words, there are jargon and terms associated with each line of business.
Now to bring a quick improvement in your professional English mix it all up with your daily English. Do not be afraid to use words that would otherwise be used in a professional setting if the meaning fits a conversation. Let’s say you are planning a trip with your friends but can’t decide on the destination, don’t shy away from saying ‘Let’s take a consensus, and get to the decision’. The more you speak the more fluent you will be.

5. Practice Often

There is this age-old saying ‘Practice makes perfect and it is true to its core. Practice, practice, and practice. Go ahead and speak only English all day long, it doesn’t matter if you are at work or not. When speaking English try to fit in as many different vocab words as possible. It doesn’t matter even if you make a mistake because after the first, second, and third mistakes you will get better. As we practice things, we remember them, our muscles and even our cells remember it. Our mind gets so well trained that we only get better and better. So don’t be afraid of going face to face speaking English with everyone you meet. The only formula to speaking English in regular English or professionally is to learn vocabulary, listen, speak and repeat in short practice. Make English a part of your life and don’t go on about it as something to be learned, approach it with a fun mindset and you will be fluent in no time.

6. Read Outloud

Reading helps a lot in building communication skills. If you are not an avid reader, you can start with a small article. Read the newspaper or a journal pronouncing each word out loud to yourself. It is an effective way to learn new words every day. You could even find a story or a script and act it out for fun-filled learning. Reading out loud is a great way to practice pronunciation. Reading often enables you to understand sentence formation and the use of the right prepositions. Start reading every day and you will notice your progress.

7. Netflix and learn!

Intriguing series and movies get us hooked for hours and even draws us to the point of binge-watching! Netflix has gained the attention of the audience with diverse choices for genres. Apart from entertainment, movies are a great and fulfilled way to ace the language. It engages your entire focus throughout. That’s why, you easily grasp a word, dialogue, and expression from a movie because your entire attention and focus are involved that again without being under stress or pressure. Movies get us mentally, emotionally involved throughout the process. So, if you want to pick up a language or expression, watching a movie is a great option. It also saves you from the hassle of going to English classes, saves you from monotony, stress, and anxiety. So, watch more Hollywood movies. After all, building communication does not always have to happen in the classroom.

8. Indulge in conversations

Read that again. No amount of language improvement techniques can beat actual in-person conversations. If you want to gain confidence in the spoken skill and expressions, talk to people who relate to the industry you are interested in. Attend meetings, events open to the public and just get yourself involved in the conversation with like-minded people. By doing this, you will not only acquire practice but will also be building a network with people who might be lifelong friends and will be able to support you in the future. If you are confident enough about your level of communication and if it’s preventing you from stepping forward, please don’t give up. Remember, perfection comes from practice. If you are unable to speak as others do, tell them that you are still learning. Let me assure you, many will be happy to help!

9. Join Toastmasters Club

Those unaware about “Toastmasters Club” its origin go back to 1924 when Ralph C. Smedley organized the first meeting of what would ultimately come to be Toastmasters International. Today, Toastmasters International, through its members known as “Toastmasters” helps men and women acquire the techniques of speaking, listening, and thinking, which are important skills that help them to discover their potential, enhance leadership potential, cultivate human understanding, and contribute to the growth of mankind. If you are looking for communication-building platforms, you can join the prestigious Inspiria Toastmasters Club. Participation in Toastmasters helps you in many aspects of your life, be it in your career, finding opportunities, etc. With Toastmasters participation, you can establish self-esteem, self-confidence, and build leadership traits.

10. Join Online English Speaking Course

If you are looking for an advanced-level English-speaking course with certification, there are multiple options available at your fingertips. Since online learning has become common during this pandemic era, you can find a perfect English-speaking course easily. Also, you will find a ton of English-speaking tutorials online that effectively teach you to acquire a good grip on the same. Online lessons are more effective and quick. It saves you from boring grammar texts. Online platforms like udemy, Henry Harvin, etc., each real-life phrasal verbs/idioms/slang words which you will discover while interacting with native speakers or watching movies. One of the most important aspects of Online English Speaking Courses is that you will improve your speaking and listening abilities enormously in a short duration.

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