Inspiria Toastmasters Club Charter Ceremony

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As it is said that success comes from 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration; though challenging, the outcome of the groundbreaking Toastmasters Charter ceremony held at Inspiria Knowledge Campus has been highly worthwhile and rewarding.

The Toastmasters Club Chartering ceremony was long awaited. This prestigious label of honour was going to be an important milestone for the newly formed club at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. It was a very momentous day as the first club officers were to be installed and charter members to be inducted. There was joy and thrill as the exuberance of emotions floating in the air filled every soul with pride and delight. One just couldn’t miss the glaringly visible smile on the students that stretched across the universe.

Inspiria Toastmasters Club Charter Ceremony

Inspirian Lakhan Tamang receiving Charter membership certificate

The congregation was overflowing with animated prattles and interactions were being exchanged on very high notes, much of it being intense adulations directed at each other. The newly appointed Chartered members just weren’t able to hold back their grins as they were all delighted, excited and ignited.

It started almost as an impossible dream in April, 2018 when the Management team of Inspiria Knowledge Campus flagged off the Toastmasters club and now we proudly claim to have achieved the eminent status and the grandeur of being a ‘Distinguished Member’. This is completely gratifying and has such a positive effect on the members as this proudly adds another right and bright star to the galaxy of the ‘Inspirian’ stories of success.

Inspiria Toastmasters Club Charter Ceremony

Inspirian Tanisha Awasthi receiving Charter membership certificate

The essence of being a Toastmaster is the desire to improve one’s communication skills. Pursuing on the popular adage of finding a remedy rather than finding faults, the club has soared high, saying bye to its fear of public speaking, marching relentlessly and graciously on it mission of helping others and to become effective communicators and leaders.

Appreciation and a token of profound appreciation goes to both our Distinguished Toastmasters Mr Ayan Pal and Ms Jennifer Ghosh. They were indeed a valuable addition to the event and were delightfully entertaining personalities. Both witty and informative, their parlance drew the audience in and held their complete attention. There was not even one single dull moment. Their assertion triggered new ideas that will certainly benefit the Inspiria Toastmasters club.

Inspiria Toastmasters Club Charter Ceremony

Inspirians after the Charter’s Ceremony

The Charter event has boldly showcased Inspirians to the world for being the pioneer, the first-ever Toastmaster’s group amongst all North Bengal academic institutions. In the coming days, we are going to see some incredibly exciting moments when our members thrust their limits, steering them beyond their comfort zones to explore new opportunities of effectual communications and global leadership.

Let it go, let it flow, let it grow, let the world know

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