Inspiria’s First Press Conference at Siliguri

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Inspiria Knowledge Campus organized a press conference at Siliguri, (Sarovar Hotel, Sevoke Road) on 5th March , 2014. Several media companies attended the press conference to cover the story about Inspiria – starting from its inception to the idea, the people behind it, the journey and its mission to “Make the Youth Employable”.

Atul Gupta  is in the management board of this Institute. He graduated as a Computer Science Engineer in 2001 and then pursued an entrepreneurial journey mainly in the IT Industry, playing various roles across organizations. With over a decade of experience and being an insider in the Industry he understands the pulse and needs of it. He also clearly endorses the need for employable resources to bridge the gap in the current education system. He is also associated with entrepreneurial ecosystems and communities like TiE Kolkata Chapter and NASSCOM.  In the event, he spoke about Inspiria addressing an important issue, which is the institutions main goal, that is, to inspire the youth to achieve and to make them employable.

To inspire the youth, Inspiria has also organized several campaigns and workshops, published some print ads, connected to the audience through high social media engagements and also distributed the “Do-o-pedia” and “Inspire to Achieve” books in order to reach out to students and young professionals who want to enhance their skills to achieve success in their careers.

“Do-o-pedia” is a book containing 10 Employability Skills that Inspires youth to do things which can help them be more employable. “Inspire to Achieve” is a pocketbook carved from inspirations received from great personalities attributing to their characteristics so that people are inspired from their stories and implement those lessons to progress in life.

The other important thing which was discussed in the event was how Inspiria is going to do raise the standards – in terms of education, skill development as well as infrastructure. The answers lies in Inspiria’s approach in delivering the courses. For each of the industries that the institution focuses on, it will have a strong industry representation in the advisory board. Inspiria already has representation from various industries associated with the institute and they will bring in their perspective into the institute which will help Inspiria align the students better. Employability skills are going to be a part of the curriculum

Inspiria is high on technology, having a state-of-the-art campus with world-class infrastructure and facilities for its students and faculty. The minds behind Inspiria believe that the only way we can meet the international standard is by the use of technology. Technology can be used to hear lectures and talks from the Silicon Valley sitting here in Siliguri.

WhatsApp was started by 2 guys 5 years ago. How do we plan to do this here in Siliguri? See, a 17 year old guy is no different in Siliguri than that in the Silicon Valley, USA. What changes is from 18-25 years the environment and exposure that they get over there, is not what we get over here. We want to change this, we want to give the youth of this region the right environment and exposure and ensure that we build the next WhatsApp from this region.” says Atul Gupta.

Around 38 media companies including Aajkal, Bharat Darpan, Dainik Jagran, The Echo of India, Janpath Samachar, Uttarer Saradin, CTVN AKD Plus turned up in the event. The press conference was followed by a workshop on employability, organized by Inspiria.

Press conference snaps:

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