Insvaganza 2022: The biggest youth fest of North Bengal

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The fourth edition of Insvaganza, the cultural fest organized by Inspiria Knowledge Campus, was held on April 22nd and 23rd, 2022. It is one of the biggest cultural fest of North Bengal with more than 40 activities spanning over two days. More than 10 colleges from Siliguri and the neighboring areas took part, and well-known sponsors from North Bengal participated in the fest. The key events included Creative, Media, Business, Technical, Cooking, On Stage activities, and much more. 

Renowned Instagram influencers are thrilled to witness the grandeur of Insvaganza. The event was entirely themed upon BTS also known as bangtan boys. A South Korean musical band and their music are pretty famous across the globe.

The aura of the college fest was heightened by its social presence where young boys and girls shifted their long-term virtual conversations to the real-life essence where they not only socialized but adapted to the richness of the event! 

The hearts and eyes of the young students were brightened by the zeal and vigor to prove their individual talents in front of a huge mass audience. Inspiria provided an enormous opportunity to the students of other colleges to participate in the most anticipated event of the year where they can showcase their academic, cultural and professional skills and win the hearts of the audience. Insvaganza is more than just a “college fest”; it is an essence in itself that binds students, faculty members, and colleges together to nurture the young hearts and minds towards a homogeneous atmosphere of love, compassion, and determination towards obtaining success!! 

The two-day event was filled with passion, determination, enlightenment, fun, and laughter because of the various events that took place academically and culturally!! From photography to stand-up comedy, from dancing, and singing to fashion events and physical agility, everything seemed way too fascinating because of the energy and vibe that resonated on the premises! At the same time, it was culturally and academically too empowering because it gave an opportunity to students to ensure that the audiences are hooked to their seats all through their performances and have a great experience! 

It was indeed an atmosphere of loving and embracing individuals from various cultures, and academic backgrounds, and a great deal of enlightenment was in this day and age, it was necessary to allow young students to feel liberated and diligent at their strong points of life! 

The management of the college made sure to facilitate the jury members with rewards as a token of gratitude and this proves why Inspiria is heartily acknowledged by one and all! 

Last but not the least, the management of Inspiria ensured to end the program on a happy note by organizing a musical event so that students danced their hearts out and the energy on both the days was magnanimous! With mouth-watering delicacies and savory foods and organizing a “BTS-themed” ambiance for the love of K-POP and their fans, everything was more than just perfect!! 

Insvaganza indeed is an event that is highly anticipated because of its essence; the true core of integrating young hearts and minds under the same roof where more and more cultural exchange can foster excellent growth and improvement! Insvaganza 2022 was more than just a fest; it was an integration of love, laughter, and liveliness together on the premises where different students were embedded by one spirit, the spirit of togetherness!

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