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What is Interior Design?

Interior design is the science and art of creating safe, functional spaces that are also aesthetically pleasing. It is a design process that employs both technical and aesthetic mechanisms. It is a skilled profession that entails research, space planning, construction management, site inspections, programming, communicating with project stakeholders, and design execution.

Interior design is a type of art that can transform a space into an emotional space, a space that tells you a narrative and allows you to travel through time. You may make a space frigid or warm, friendly or comfortable, modern or mid-century, speak of the decades, or even exhibit your particular style with the aid of interior design. One can even express their personality through interior design.

Who is an Interior Designer?

An interior designer is in charge of a space’s design, planning, and implementation. They employ furniture placement, practical decor and functional components, colour palettes, and several other decor elements to accomplish the desired vision. When it comes to balancing the theme of a space and making it aesthetically pleasant, interior designers are experts.

Most of the time, these specialists collaborate closely with architects on projects. While the architect develops the interior space, they imagine, visualise, conceptualise, manage, and execute it. They usually work according to the client’s description and design appropriately. The client could be an individual who wants their living room designed or a company that wants their workplace space transformed.

How Do You Become an Interior Designer?

Becoming an interior designer takes a creative eye and mind but what is fun is that even if you think that you somewhat lack in bringing creativity to the table, it can be developed. Because of the demand of the career there are numerous courses which teach and train interior designing across the world. These courses range from diplomas, to degree programs and even workshops.

The basic course to pursue would be B.Sc. in Interior Design, one of the most sought after courses by the youth. It is a three-year degree programme that provides students with both theoretical and practical knowledge of Interior Design. Those wishing to pursue a career as an interior designer usually pursue a degree in interior design.

This three-year programme covers the fundamentals of interior design, as well as the extensive functioning and principles of interior design, as well as the many softwares used in interior design and practical skills. The course prepares students to bring their creative vision to reality by applying numerous ideas and techniques in the world of interior design.


Admission for B.Sc. in Interior Design is a direct process.
Eligibility Criteria: A candidate who has completed class 12 from any recognised board with a minimum aggregate of 50% is eligible to apply for B.Sc. in Interior Design.

Interior Design Course after 12th Commerce

When we say it is a high-demand career path, the sheer number of Institutes in India speaks for itself. According to reports, there are around 500 universities that just offer Interior Design courses. Given that it is one of the most unconventional career paths, the figure is impressive. Not only that, but as humanity undergoes severe modernisation and technical breakthroughs, the popularity and need for Interior Design is growing by the day.

Many people become perplexed and question their own decisions wondering whether Interior Design is the right path for them after 12th Commerce. But in today’s world, it’s all about thinking outside the box and following your passion. So, if your interest in Interior Design pulls you in that direction, it shouldn’t matter what stream you come from.

When you enrol in an interior design course, you will learn everything there is to know about the subject. You will learn everything there is to know about interior design, from its history to basic principles and how to design a space. Interior design courses not only teach you theoretical knowledge but also provide you with practical lessons that force you to practise the art.

After completing your 12th with a Commerce stream from any recognised board, you can apply directly to B.Sc. Designing Interiors After three years of study, you can either apply for an MBA in Interior Design or immediately apply for internships and enter the workforce.

Career opportunities as an Interior Designer

Apart from being a self-employed Interior Designer, there are several other major job profiles you can pursue after completing an interior design degree.
• Interior and Spatial Designer
• Art Director
• Blogger
• Exhibition Designer
• Visual Merchandiser

Interior Designer Salary

According to the average base salary of an Interior Designer in India is 305,075 INR per annum.

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