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A week-long Orientation Programme has been organised by Inspiria Knowledge Campus for the newly enrolled students of the 1st year where eminent personalities from different traits are set to enrich the students in their new academic journey with inspiring and motivational speeches.

This is an initiative to make them aware of the demands and expectation required in today’s professional arena and the qualities to be imbibed which would help them to fulfil their aspirations.

On the 4th day, we have Mr Bishal Sarkar, one of the leading Public Speaking Expert in India, who is all set to address the students.

He is the author of many books based on public speaking out of which “I Love Public Speaking: How to Communicate with Excellence” and his audio program “Speak with Confidence, Present with Excellence” are some of his top sellers programs which have helped many overcome the fear of public speaking very easily and efficiently.

Mr Bishal addressing his clinets during one of his bootcamps

Mr Bishal is known as “The King of Confidence” because of helping others achieve and sustain total confidence in the most practical way. As an entrepreneur, Bishal Sarkar has delivered excellence-oriented training workshops for many organizations. Currently, he finds amazing happiness & joy by mentoring serious subject matter experts who are action takers.

Mr Bishal lives in Bangalore and conducts his bootcamp for people who want to become super confident presenters & awesome speakers (in the most practical manner) to get the competitive edge in today’s economy so they stand out from the crowd.

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