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Well the monsoons have set in and most of us don’t want to be outdoors but for those who have crossed over a month since the 12th boards results are out are in a frenzy. Colleges have been busy with the admission procedures and the students struggling to decide on the course to pursue.

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The hard truth still prevails that there would be many who still could not get into colleges and courses of their choice. Students this is nothing obnoxious, nor does this mean you are not competent- it simply reflects that either you have made a wrong career choice or you oblivious towards some areas you need to work upon. Thus, it is high time now to avail courses which match your personality traits.

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So, let’s think and prioritise our possibilities. It’s time to really give a thought about what you want to do and where you want to do it. Students are seen running the same courses selected due to their peers and parental pressure, which leads to immense dissatisfaction within the student in the later phase of life. Therefore, it’s rather wise to enrol in a college in your own or near your hometown. This will just not cut down on the expenses but also make learning possible in the comfortable and pleasant environment. No need to opt for other places when at par facilities and exposure are available at a lower cost, near you.

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Various different courses are available in and around you which has huge career scope. So, don’t regret over the spilt milk and look for par excellence which will match your personality traits and help you attain success in life. It is not worth running a race where thousand are running and you know you are not going to be the one winning the race. Students this is a fast and smart generation, run not to run, but to win- so take up a career where your probability of winning the race is higher.

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