Most Awaited Marathon of the town is here: Youth Run 2019

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Are you new to running marathons? Well, if you have never experienced the real run or participated in a marathon, the very thought of covering the long distance can intimidate you. Basically, for a beginner, a 5km run may appear like the endless length. Despite all these, if you have finally considered slaying your inhibitions by partaking in a marathon this time “Inspiria Youth Run 2019 comes forward like your dream come true!


The Modern College of Management, Inspiria Knowledge Campus is organizing the second edition of Inspiria Youth Run on 24th February 2019, with a noble and charitable cause of raising funds for educating the underprivileged children. The first “Inspiria Youth Run” marathon was held in 2018.


A large number of participants from the Hills of Darjeeling & Sikkim, the Northeastern states, the Northen plains including Jaigaon, and also from Bhutan has registered for participation. The marathon has two running divisions- 5km and 10 km respectively where the youths up to 25 years are eligible to participate. So, if you’re thinking about participating in 2019- Inspiria Youth Run, get yourself registered today at-

The Reporting Time for 5km category is 6:45 AM and the race time is scheduled at 7:15 AM.

For the 10km category, the reporting time is 6:30 AM and the race time is 7:00 AM.

There is a registration charge of INR. 300/– for the 5km race and INR 400/- for the 10km race respectively. When you register, you will be given a personalized BIB with your name printed on it. Besides, there are trophies and prizes for winners. Digital Certificates, Running Tshirts and Finisher Medals will be given to all the participants.


There are various reasons to run a marathon. Scroll down to have a quick look at the top reasons why you should become a part of “Inspiria Youth Run 2019“.


Noble & Charitable cause- Education

Its rightly declared “alone you can do little but together you can change the world”. Education is one of the powerful weapons and the best gift that you can give to a child for their better future. Being a participant, you along with the fellow youth marathoners will be contributing to a cause that is truly valuable, worthwhile, and great enough to change the future of the poor and underprivileged.


Staying Fit and Healthy

You don’t run a marathon on a one go! Initially, you will start with jogging and gradually you will increase your speed or movement. Be it running or jogging, indulging in it on a regular basis will bring endless health benefits eventually keeping you fit. Regular exercise will keep your heart healthy, regulates your blood pressure, strengthens muscles, and keeps your mind healthy. Running contributes to a great extent in beating stress.


The Spirit of Achievement

Isn’t it fascinating to witness a change that brings you closer to your goal? Participating in a marathon is a challenge. However, it’s an ideal way of getting out of your comfort zone, slaying your fears, and become worthy and robust enough to participate! Participating in one for a noble and charitable cause and finishing your first marathon will bring a sense of accomplishment and joys that are beyond what words can suffice.


Beyond the advantages of healthy mind & body, inner joy & confidence, indulging in Marathons will bring you closer to the people with mutual understanding and perspective towards life. Thus, great bonding will develop between you and your fellow marathoners.


On top of that, your little actions will impact many in everyday life. If you run a marathon for a cause, someday, someone else will get inspired by you and follow your lead.


We wish you all the best!


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