Travails Of A Tea-Taster! – Neeraj Poddar

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A Session with Neeraj Poddar

As we declared, the Inspiria Inspiring Story has now become a regular feature every Saturday. We decided to make it a regular feature thanks to the great response we received from the first three events with Shreyans Bhandari , Pratik Garg and Sumit Sinhal.

The interaction this Saturday is going to be unique as we shall be hosting someone whose profession is quite out of the ordinary. He is 36 year old Neeraj Poddar, a tea-taster by profession. Not everyone has the career of a tea taster in mind. However it’s an amazing and lucrative profession with top tea tasters earning more than one lakh per month here in Siliguri. Neeraj however, is not an employee but an employer.

He is a third generation tea merchant cum importer of Nepalese teas. Recently he has entered into tea manufacturing himself. Neeraj is a committed professional who assumes responsibility of steering his young and vibrant organization towards commonly shared vision of making tea drinking a unique experience for everyone!

We sure those attending the event will gain much from Neeraj’s experience and vision to do something new. So make it a point to be here by 11a.m. at Inspiria Knowledge Campus this Saturday, the 4th of July. Hope to see you there!

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