How to fill OMR sheet in CBSE board exam

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How to fill OMR sheet in board exam

OMR sheet may sound complex but it is super easy. You can comfortably fill up your OMR sheet if you stay calm and composed. Do not worry about the initial stage to fill out your OMR sheet. It is very crucial for your exam

It is suggested to you that you must fill up all the crucial details in the OMR sheet before attempting the question. Do not attempt to fill your sheet at the end time. This can lead you to make mistakes.  

Remember, making mistakes in the OMR sheet can affect your exam. You need to go through the guidelines before you write anything on it. 

Fews tips to avoid mistakes while filling up the OMR sheet 

  • Try to fill up your OMR sheet before you start writing 

Writing all the important details regarding the exam i.e. (roll number and your names) first will help you to focus while you will attempt all the questions. 

  • Never try to fill your OMR sheet after completing each and every question

If you try to fill the sheet after completing every question it will consume more time. Remember you have to save time and use time accordingly to score good grades.

  • Do not rush 

You need to keep certain things in mind that you have to fill your OMR sheet accurately, not as quickly as possible. Most importantly don’t rush to fill your response in the sheet. 

  • Never use pencil 

It is highly recommended to you that you never ever think of using a pencil to fill your OMR sheet for an exam. Use a black ball pen to fill in all your key responses. 

  • Never try to use whiteners 

Do not hurry while you are filling out your OMR sheet. It is advised to you that never think of using whiteners to correct an error. This procedure can lead to the rejection of your OMR sheet. 

Students will succeed if they remember these steps and practice with OMR sheets on a daily basis. Students must practice under the supervision of guardians and teachers, it will help them to rectify their mistakes. Furthermore, approaching this new system will be easy and confident. Most importantly, students must enter their registration numbers as well as the question paper code on the response sheet. 

Remember these 3 Important steps 

While you are writing your exam stay calm and composed, when it comes to the OMR sheet it is all about mind games. Take enough time for your response on the OMR sheet. 

  • Do not try to fill your response on the OMR sheet after attempting every question. 
  • Solve questions for 25 minutes and review them correctly, then move forwards to fill your response in the OMR sheet.
  • Always stay aware of which section you are working on and then proceed to fill your response. 

Decoding OMR Sheet 

Well, the OMR sheet might sound complex, but it’s very easy after you get hold of it. So, it is suggested that you keep on practicing and rectify your mistakes. 

  • In the area provided, a student has to write in his or her own hand: “I certify that all particulars given above are correct” and sign in the running hand on OMR.
  • Only a blue/black ballpoint pen should be used to fill out forms and respond to questions.
  • The use of a pencil is absolutely forbidden. If it is discovered that the candidate used a pencil to fill out the OMR, this will be deemed unfair means. 

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