Organizing InspiriaQ Prelims at St. Joseph’s, Darjeeling

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Darjeeling has always been known as the Queen of Hills. It was a refreshing experience to go and meet the children eagerly waiting to participate in the InspiriaQ prelims at St. Joseph’s North Point, Darjeeling. There were about 21 students present for the preliminary round test.

Even though being from the plains the warmth and appreciation received from the participants and the school authorities was overwhelming making everyone feel loved and appreciated.

Ms. Jyoti Pradhan, Counsellor and Mr. Surendra Pradhan, Photographer went there to conduct the preliminary round on behalf of Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri. Ms. Pradhan briefed them about the rules and regulations of the quiz along with give them information about Inspiria.

It showed the talent in the hill region of Darjeeling which do not get many opportunities to display it on the big stage. The complete preliminary round was highly competitive in nature with people fighting tooth and nail.

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