Pearson Teaching Awards 2014 : Recognizing Teachers Who Inspire

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Pearson Teaching Awards 2014 was held  recently and the event honoured the inpiring teachers from all across the country. Union Minister Kapil Sibal was the chief guest of this year’s event, who said :

Its fabulous to recognize and award all those who actually mould the mind of a child! Its perhaps one of the  most complex things a human being does in his capacity as a teacher; because you have a fledgling who actually can be moulded in anyway you like and a good teacher inspires that fledgling to grow and to become a responsible citizen of this country –  not just responsility towards the society, but responsibility towards himself, because the teacher must inspire the child to discover his or her own genius. That’s really the quality of a great teacher. It is to guide the child, not to impose upon the child…

This award ceremony is a pioneering initiative that recognizes the best in the field of education and innovation in teaching. Pearson pays tribute to the extraordinary teachers from across the country, who worked tirelessly throughout the year to teach, nurture, inspire and shape the future of not just students but an entire nation. Check out this video below from IBNlive

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